5 Things We Learned From Nick Littlemore's Reddit AMA

1 Jul 2020

PNAU'S Nick Littlemore took fans on a journey of his illustrious career and into the depths of his creative mind today, undertaking his first ever Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). With fans from all around the world tuning in to ask questions, Nick revealed some previously unknown secrets...

1. PNAU's latest album Changa really was about psychedelics: 
“Changa was literally a trip that was our renaissance into the world of psychedelics and that album is the result of that exploration. Visually we were led by the worlds we were exploring on our journeys."

2. Where he is scouting for new talent if young artists are wanting to work with PNAU: 
"At the moment I’m trawling through JJJ’s Unearthed to find new artists and I’ve been contacting a bunch of different people. I found a great characterful artist from Western Australia named Rami and a wonderful singer from Newcastle by the name of the Djanaba. It’s so exciting that my home country is exploding with talent and I look very much forward to working and collaborating with more people all the time.” 

3. Nick is working on new Empire of the Sun music right now: 
"...some cool things I am really excited about. I post some sneaks on my Instagram here and there. I can’t see when we’re going to release or Luke and I will be able to get into a room together to do things I have an auto immune disease so I can’t really fraternize right now but there are loads of musicians I am working with all over the world and for the most part we just jump on a phone call for a bit and send a few emails and things come together nicely. we’ve been really fortunate to make great relationships with with some of the some very very special musicians and musical performers over the years and we are calling in to collaborate remotely in this time. I’ll post some more bits on my insta soon 😊 I don’t often leave them up very long tho."

4. PNAU are collaborating with Elton John again! 
Nick Littlemore Reddit AMA

5. Nick had a vision from hyperspace... 
"Just went in and had another look over the weekend and saw some crazy things... this giant freedom bird flying it was the size I’m going to say of Tasmania flying above it was bringing this beautiful rainbow with it and chatter was letting me know “oh and good things are coming good things are coming”

Adding to the momentum, this Friday a peak-time techno remix of PNAU's latest single 'Lucky' will be dropping from Will Clarke, honouring the rave past of PNAU since they met at school back in the 90's. We're happy to say, the remix cooks and bangs in equal measures. 


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