POOLCLVB release first single from forthcoming EP

31 Oct 2016

Sydney producer POOLCLVB shares the first single ‘Always’ off his forthcoming EP ‘You + Me’, bringing his penchant for lush, vocal house to explore lust and love.

‘Alwaysis a homage to Australian house, with summery, playful rhythms and samples. Carl Fox (of Porsches) lends his languid and sultry vocals, telling the classic story of ‘boy meets girl’.

“Written and recorded in a single day, we bounced lyrics back and forth and it just came together so organically. Sometimes guys don’t express their feelings as much as girls, we wanted this track to do just that. If you find it hard to say I love you, let this track speak for you.” - POOLCLVB

With candied, sprightly melodies over dance-flecked synths and drum machines, POOLCLVB brings to mind the infectious feelings of a new relationship; brimming joy and seemingly endless possibilities. 

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