Pnau Drop 3 New Tracks & Announce Forthcoming Album 'Changa'

24 Aug 2017

Following on from their critically acclaimed summer anthem “Chameleon”, PNAU today announce news of their fifth studio album with the release of three tracks: “Into The Sky”, “Young Melody” (with Vera Blue) and “Control Your Body” - heralding with unmistakable conviction - PNAU are back.

Premiering with Veronica and Lewis on triple j, “Into the Sky” is instantly impressionable. Drenched in early 90s distorted soundscapes, a fuzzy nocturnal haze with a heavy drum beat, "Into the Sky" also features Nick Littlemore back on lead vocals. Following on from his directional role in the "Chameleon" music video, Nick Littlemore stars in and directs the tessellating, vibrant music video. 

Branching out in sound and style with the two remaining new offerings, “Young Melody” is a blissful, uplifting dance track reminiscent of the band's debut album Sambanova, with vocals courtesy of Sydney-based talent, Vera Blue. “Control Your Body” diversifies, opening with enigmatic instrumentation and vocals before settling into a deep rhythmic groove - a true acid workout and a nostalgic homage to the bands formative rave days. Three utterly dynamic tracks, opening up a world of possibilities of what to expect from their forthcoming Changa LP.

“Today we release three very special tracks from our forthcoming album Changa. The three songs traverse the aural journey which is Changa, coupled with what you've heard from us with “Chameleon”. “Into the Sky” is the sound of volition released. It is a song that wrote itself. We like to think that it captures the ambition, angst and ambivalence we held as teenagers. Something you never really lose, but hope to record every time you turn on the tape machine. We hope you listen and feel the kinetic energy moving through your body.”PNAU
The three-track release comes just in time to kick of the summer festival season, with PNAU announced to headline Listen Out festivals, appearing in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane as well as OH YES Festival in Adelaide. With a new album on the horizon, the iconic trio are set for another spectacular year. Don’t forget to catch one of their infamous live shows in the coming months and get yourself excited with this three-track release.


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