Klue Takes New Live Show On The Road For 'Closer'

27 Oct 2017

Sydney producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Klue today releases his new single ‘Closer’ ahead of taking his new live show across the country this summer. One of the leading artists in the world music scene in Australia, Klue’s last release ‘Lifted’ hit #1 on the World Music chart on iTunes earlier this year and saw Klue play headline shows and festivals across the country.

Klue’s ‘Closer’ tour kicked off in Perth last weekend at Collab Festival and will also see him hit Grand Poobah in Hobart, Sosueme in Bondi, and a run of festivals including Newtown Festival, Squared Senses, Wonderwalls in his hometown of Wollongong, and Subsonic Festival in December. Klue’s amazing live show sees him on vocals, saxophone, SPD sample pads and turntables, with Klue debuting his full live band show at some upcoming festivals that will see Joe Diamond on trumpet, Kid Fiction on keys and Julian Bel-Bachir from OKA on kora and djembe.  

Klue explains how the new single came together:  “A lot of the time when I’m inspired to write music it’s when I’m in a place or a moment where I feel particularly good and I want to capture that feeling and write it into music so I can revisit it when I perform it, and hopefully take whoever is listening to that place too. Closer was different.  It started from a pretty sad place and I started writing it to try and get myself out of that place.  This is the first track that I’ve recorded the Mbira for.  It’s an amazing instrument that I picked up in Zimbabwe a few years back while on tour with True Vibenation.  I’m by no means a legit player of it but it has sound an amazing deep tone that I had to include it.  I often play it to go to sleep at night, but recently I’ve been starting to record it more so you can expect to see it coming out at some of the upcoming live shows.  The Pringles tin has made a comeback too.”

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OCT 20 - Collab Festival - Perth
NOV 10 - The Grand Poobah - Hobart 
NOV 12 - Newtown Festival - Sydney
NOV 18 - Squared Senses Festival - Wagga Wagga 
NOV 22 - Sosueme - Bondi
NOV 26 - Wonderwalls Festival - Wollongong
DEC 2 - Subsonic Music Festival - Riverwood Downs

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