etcetc Yearbook: 2021

20 Dec 2021

etcetc is proud to present the latest instalment of their Yearbook series! An amazing year-in-review compilation: etcetc Yearbook: 2021

A specially sequenced album for the Australian summer ahead, a perfect condiment to sunny poolside days and festive evenings. It features tracks from PNAUCLYPSODjanaba, SumnerPOOLCLVB and features work from etcetc’s joint venture label with Nicholas Littlemore and Peter Mayes of PNAULab78

Aden Mullens, General Manager of etcetc, said, “A lot of respect has to go to the artists, who despite the adversity of lockdown, were able to release music in 2021. It wasn’t easy for most, so I’d like to thank them for keeping us entertained and connected.” 

Each Yearbook assures a unique cover art design, and this year we are happy to introduce the world of SUPERMEGA. An independent design practice from Sydney creative Raye Antonelli. His work has been recognised by AGDA (Australian Graphic Design Association), and he was awarded a Communication Dutch Design Award for his work on the StudioLennarts & de Bruijn x overdeschreef’s ‘Stay Safe Stay Sane’ COVID-19 campaign in 2020. 

A year-in-review for the label itself, etcetc was nominated as Independent Label of the Year at the 2021 AIR Awards. The year also saw the meteoric rise of PNAU into the UK, Europe and United States with their single with Elton John & Dua Lipa ‘Cold Heart’ hitting #1 in 13 counties including the UK, Australia and #11 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

2021 was a massive year for releases, including the HI-aerobic music video 'Just Feels Tight' from FISHERJax Jones' dropped a very tasty club EP with 90s viber 'Feels' which got the big tick from dance floors. Donatachi launched into hyper-gear with their debut mini-album '' proving their importance in the alt-pop scene today. Our imprint Lab78 also birthed a string of debut releases in 2021, most notably Sumner and Djanaba who are accruing some Hottest 100 nods from triple j presenters. 

All in all, we're ready for dip in the ocean. Enjoy the heat Australia, catch you in 2022!


etcetc Yearbook: 2021 Tracklist: 

1. Jerk Boy & Micci - Simple Life 

2. Djanaba - Big Titties 

3. CLYPSO - On Our Way 

4. Donatachi - pisces rising feat. Chymes 

5. DOOLIE - Woke Up Feeling Dramatic 

6. PNAU - Stranger Love feat. Budjerah 

7. Sumner - Stranded 

8. Nectr - Scared 

9. Rami - Nothing Left To Do 

10. POOLCLVB - Love Track 

11. Flash 89 - Lovetone 
12. Airwolf & Yeah Boy - Everything You Do 

13. George Maple - Demise 

14. San Mei - In The Machine 

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