Vlossom to Play First Australian Shows Live at Sydney's Lansdowne Hotel in January

13 Dec 2019

Vlossom – the newly birthed collaboration between Australian musicians Nick Littlemore (of multi-platinum selling acts Empire of the Sun and PNAU) and Alister Wright (front man of Australian indie rock band Cloud Control) – will perform their first Australian live shows this January.

Vlossom will play a run of free entry shows at Sydney venue The Lansdowne every Thursday night from January 9 through January 30, in support of Vlossom’s debut single 'Catch Your Breath'. Vlossom will be joined on all dates by a revolving cast of supports.

Unfolding in hypnotic rhythms and ethereal vocal work, 'Catch Your Breath' is a graceful collision of electronic experimentation and live instrumentation (largely provided by a line-up of legendary musicians whom Littlemore met through his work with Elton John). The lush and luminous track speaks to a metaphorical loss of composure. 

“It’s that feeling of seeing a thing of absolute beauty, whether it’s a girl or guy or plant or animal, and being brought into a heightened reality,” says Littlemore. “For the most part our everyday lives are fairly menial, so those moments when we do lose our breath are really something to dwell on.” 

The equally colourful video for 'Catch Your Breath' was filmed by director Nicolas Randall in a mausoleum in Los Angeles.

Vlossom symphonize elements of pop and psych-rock and electronic music into something strangely multi sensory—a body of work possessed of its own distinct texture and temperature and colour and perfume, euphoric and often trance-inducing yet undeniably transformative. 

“The word ‘Vlossom’ felt emblematic of the emotion that we wanted to channel through our music, and it also went along with the idea of this project being a way to bring something back from another world and give it a home in this one,” Wright says. 

'Catch Your Breath' is the first taste of Vlossom’s debut EP, set to drop in 2020. In each new piece that Vlossom create, the energy manifests as a benevolent effervescence, one that ultimately leaves the listener with a renewed sense of wonder. 

“If we can impart anything to people, I hope it’s that feeling of losing yourself in a moment, stepping outside of yourself in the best imaginable way,” says Littlemore. 

Don’t miss Vlossom’s debut Australian live shows, which are sure to be as hypnotic and transcendental as their first musical offering.


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