Donatachi - fade away feat. BESTIES

21 Sep 2022



A few months after releasing their full-length debut album,, Donatachi has teamed up with Sydney rock outfit BESTIES for their new single ‘fade away’.  With its high energy and nostalgic sensibility, ‘fade away’ tells a story of holding tight onto what you want most and making sure it never fades away.

Speaking on the making of ‘fade away’ Donatachi explains: "After being so encouraged by the love and support I'd received for, I started thinking about how much energy I was putting into my music. I wrote about feelings that I wasn't giving it my all and about a fear that everything I'd worked for might eventually fade away. I owe so much to everyone who has supported me over the years and I wrote this song in gratitude and recognition of the ones who haven’t given up on me. I did this with besties because I love the potency in their writing and Max's impassioned performance conveyed everything I was feeling but in the most perfectly energetic way."

With the sugary sweet appeal of hyperpop, Donatachi is at the forefront of the scene, constantly pushing the boundaries and shifting the perceptions of what pop and electronic music can be. The mini-album previously included favorites such as ‘b2b heartbeat’ with Cowgirl Clue, ‘cry’, ‘pisces rising’ with Sydney singer/songwriter Chymes and ‘on ur mind’ with one half of Kult Kyss, Rromarin. Following the release of their album earlier this year, Donatachi took their live show Donatachi IRL around Australia. With sold out shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, Donatachi captivated clubs with their signature hyper pop, happy hardcore and bubblegum pop classics.

Producer and multi-instrumentalist Nat Sherwood (Stand Atlantic, Sarah Saint James) and vocalist Max Pasalic (Up Late, After Touch) met in 2020, but it wasn’t until May of 2022 that the pair officially released a collaboration together as BESTIES. ‘two bedroom apartment’ was their first joint effort and doubled as their entry into triple j Unearthed’s DIY Supergroup competition. They would go on to win the competition with a string of 5 and 4.5 star reviews with triple j staff, calling them, ‘creative & emphatic’ and ‘apart from the pack’.

When it comes to pairing up with Donatachi, Max from BESTIES says: “Working with Donatachi to create this one was a brand new experience — I’d never had the opportunity to sing on something like it and through the session we found this really interesting connection between their production and my voice. It was like Donatachi was able to pull my voice into their world and with it I was able to bring some of that BESTIES emo energy. It really feels like Fade Away is the rock song of the future. A digital glisten with a distinct rough edge — like Blink-182 playing on Mars.”


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