Donatachi x LÂLKA - FWD

4 Aug 2021



Following on from being named as one of “Australia’s rising stars of hyperpop” by The Guardian, Sydney producer Donatachi now teams up with Brisbane artist, vocalist and producer LÂLKA for their new single ‘FWD’. Continuing to push boundaries, ‘FWD’ showcases Donatachi’s shift in their artistic vision, with the hope of providing solace and positivity through their music, with the team up with LÂLKA making the collab a match made in hyperpop heaven. 


Donatachi explains the meaning behind ‘FWD’: "This song really was the beginning of a shift in my direction artistically. The way I thought about music began to change from being something designed purely for escapism to something more; I wanted to provide solace and positivity to anyone who listened to my music, even if it was just for three minutes. I wanted to move forward with a hopeful and energetic attitude and felt in sync with the optimism of 2000s new age electronica and drum & bass. LÂLKA’s frenetic energy is something i strive to match and I’m so grateful for her spirit in this song." 


LÂLKA adds, "When I first heard the instrumental, I thought of the title ‘FWD>>’. It provoked a feeling of nostalgia and a sense of momentum, rushing towards the inevitable. It made me think about having the rush of a crush, the feeling of vertigo when you want to kiss someone you really like." 


With her unique vocal style and punk energy, LÂLKA forms a niche musical sphere that is entirely her own. Her brazen take on pop experimentalism has been called many things: “the future” by Tone Deaf, “attitude-filled organised chaos” by Stoney Roads, “too cool for this world” by Fashion Journal and many more. Since first emerging with her debut ‘Dare You To Love Me‘, LÂLKA has steadily worked and built her portfolio to include supporting Charli XCX, Alice Ivy, Genesis Owusu, Ninajirachi, Kota Banks, Haiku Hands and more alongside appearances at BIGSOUND, Laneway and FOMO festivals in recent years. Her contortion of glitchy hyperpop through the lens of her own experiences is palatial and ferocious with plenty of tongue-in-cheek energy. 

Listen here: