Donatachi - Cry

6 Mar 2021



Sydney producer Donatachi has sprinkled magic fairy dust over the 1998 track “Cry” from Australian band The Mavis’s. Breathing new life into the anthem, Donatachi has given us a sharp, eclectic taste of pop, continuing to deliver forward-thinking, hyperpop club beats. 

Donatachi explains what drew him to the song: “I grew up in a tiny town with less than 100 people and being able to see these five weirdos on Rage wearing iridescent crop tops, platform sneakers and pink contacts absolutely shred really had such an effect on me. I’ve wanted to pay homage to this perfect pop song for so long and I hope that it can give a queer kid somewhere the same feeling of belonging that The Mavis's gave me.”

When you hear the whisper of ~ Donatachi Music ~ you know you're in for a taste of pop's bright future. Sydney producer Donatachi seems to be shaping the genreless musical utopia we're barreling towards, boasting a veritable who's who of future icons in their collaborators and a reverence towards y2k pop stars as well as modern club boundary pushers.


This culminated in 2019’s “Taste” EP, full of plush productions bursting with hyper colour sound design and forward thinking club beats, all with optimism and unironic love of P-O-P. “Taste” includes the underground hit “Crush On U” featuring the infamous Slayyyter, which single handedly set the hyped hyperpop scene in motion.


“The soundscapes of 2000s jungle and drum & bass had such an idealistic and utopian hope for the future, something that I want to explore and filter through a pop lens. 2020 made me consider the kind of world I want to live in and the kind of artist I want to be, and I want that to be heard and felt in everything I do.”


Their new work was made with this loving ethos in mind, honing a new sonic direction and seeing how far Donatachi can push their bubblegum bops. With releases on Sidechains and Mad Decent’s Good Enuff, Donatachi has also collaborated with Oh Boy, Mallrat and Boy Sim and toured with Kim Petras and Mallrat across Australia. 

Donatachi now looks to the past to deliver the sound of the future. 

Listen now: