Donatachi -

21 Apr 2022



Following on from their 2021 mini-album, Donatachi pushes the aural boundaries of their sound with a serious amount of oomph. Two new singles released today include ‘bad 4 me’, an edgy pop-punk track with a nostalgic glow alongside Sydney’s hearteyes, and ‘cloud 9’ an elevated hyperpop moment with an addictive hook featuring Melbourne duo cookii. The two bangers can be found on a re-issue of, Donatachi’s debut hyperpop mini album, rounding out their breakthrough album in full.

Speaking on the making of ‘bad 4 me’ Donatachi explains: “So much of my work is based around expressing euphoria and joy, and so for a while I have been trying to explore the opposite, embrace the feeling of melancholy a little. Working with hearteyes is something I’ve wanted to do for so long and the vulnerability in his writing and performance is something I really admire. One of the positive memories I’ll have from lockdown is being able to create this song with hearteyes and I’ll always be grateful to him for giving me that during an intense time.”

The second new collab on the album is ‘cloud 9’ with cookii. Donatachi explains, “I’m cookii’s biggest fan; I love their project so much and we’ve been friends for years. I feel like we really understand each other which makes collaboration so natural. I’d been sitting on this beat for so long, trying to write with different people on it and it was never quite right, but I loved the song so much I couldn’t let it go. Once cookii came on board it came together perfectly and so quickly. Lucian and I trying to outdo each other on the beat and Rosebud writing effortless hook after hook; this song makes me excited to work together more.”

Listen now: