Donatachi - Taste EP

4 Jul 2019



Australian producer on the rise Donatachi today unveils his bop-filled debut EP Taste. Taste is a delicious ride through Donatachi’s world of bubblegum pop, with a smorgasbord of collabs from the likes of US sensation Slayyyter, Kult Kyss’ Rromarin and a brand new single ‘Taste’ featuring Melbourne vocalist Genes. Taste is an unapologetic foray into cutting edge pop and Donatachi is at the forefront of the genre.

“Pop music is important to me because it is always evolving, and this EP is a love letter to a genre that is indefinable, a reflection of a sound that is constantly shifting, and an homage to the forward thinking artists I aspire to. I’ve been blessed to create these songs with so many talented friends and it would not be what it is without them.” – Donatachi

For title track ‘Taste’ Donatachi teamed up with Melbourne artist Genes (aka Maddy Rowe) with Maribelle also on co-writing duties.

This beat started out as a bootleg of an underrated Britney Spears deep cut, ‘Anticipating’, which I loved so much but could never seem to finish on my own. The first time I met Genes we got drunk at a Maribelle show and knew instantly that we had to make a song as fun as the night we had. I had this idea of creating a song that literally sounded like bubblegum pop, and it ended up fitting perfectly with the topline that she wrote. I know it sounds like it’s about oral sex, but it’s actually about us being lactose intolerant and longing for triple cream brie.”

Shaping a genreless musical utopia across his originals and remixes, Donatachi continues to create plush soundscapes which burst with hypercolour sound design and forward thinking club beats, all with an optimistic and un-ironic love of pop. Donatachi has been on hot-streak over the past 12 months, being hand-picked by icon Kim Petras as main support for her three sold-out Mardi Gras sideshows in Sydney and Melbourne in March, following on from his 2018 support slot for Australian indie-pop star Mallrat, and being asked to remix Kate Miller-Heidke’s Eurovision song ‘Zero Gravity’.

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Donatchi (Taste / packshot)