Sydney  producer  Donatachi  is  shaping a  genreless  musical  utopia, across  their  originals  and  remixes, creating  plush  soundscapes  that are bursting  with  hyper  colour  sound  design  and  forward  thinking  club  beats,  all  with  an  optimistic, flair  and  unironic  love  of  pop. With over  1  Million  streams  on  Spotify, their  unique  ear  for glossy  pop  voices  and  underground  hyper-pop is now fully realised with a debut EP set for release this year, seeing just how far Donatachi can push his bubblegum bops.

Donatachi is certainly on a hot-streak, being hand-picked earlier this month by icon Kim Petras as main support for her three sold out Mardi Gras sideshows in Sydney and Melbourne, following on from their 2018 support slot for Australian indie-pop star Mallrat.

"Forward-thinking production unites laser-focused samples that glitz and glitch, all wrapped up within positive, sun-drenched energy." Purple Sneakers: Artist to Watch in 2019

"Donatachi's sickly sweet sound has been a long favourite of ours" Pilerats

"Donatachi's on something hotter than a hot streak. A hot life? IDK what the right term is all I know is that he's supplying some dangerously good tracks right now." Dave Ruby Howe, triple J Unearthed

Donatachi (artist profile / image)