Donatachi - buttons

1 Oct 2021



With a vast collection of impressive, sugary sweet releases under their belt, each Donatachi creation has further cemented them as one to watch, not just in the local scene, but far beyond. Today, Donatachi is back with a new high-energy track, ‘Buttons’, which includes their own vocals. The track was born in a realm of visually stimulating futuristic technology, all inside a dream state.  


Donatachi explains, “The lyrics and melody for ‘Buttons’ literally came to me in a dream, I was enveloped by walls of tech and surrounded by screens with flashing buttons”.  


Inside the dream, the beat was formed, and a new feeling of progress developed. “It's the first time I've ever felt like the artists I admire. For the longest time I've aspired to be like the artists I grew up listening to. I've watched interviews about their creative processes and often felt inadequate not being fluent in any instrument or music theory.” With Donatachi now at the forefront of Australia’s burgeoning hyperpop scene, they no longer need to feel inadequate.  


When you hear the whisper of ~ Donatachi Music ~ you know you're in for a taste of pop's bright future; always shaping the genreless musical utopia we're barrelling towards, boasting a veritable who's who of future icons in their collaborators and a reverence towards y2k pop stars as well as modern club boundary pushers. Donatachi has been earmarked as one of the rising stars of hyperpop, which The Guardian describes as “a booming, blossoming microgenre that’s fast establishing itself as the nucleus of 2020s pop in Australia and beyond.”