Surahn - Tomorrow

10 Mar 2023



Back with the second single off his upcoming Soft Rock Summer LP, Surahn returns with the disco funk-laden track 'Tomorrow'.  A deeper reflection of countless remembered and forgotten soft rock and jazz funk artists, Surahn aims to reveal a tradition of writing and recording music using the very best of instruments, tones and studio techniques on this track and the music to come. The classic groove and its willingness to drive a solo, to reach for a horn harmony and allow the music to breathe, is what will allow it to age well like the fine wines he creates and the slow path he takes.

Speaking on the meaning behind the track, Surahn says, "’Tomorrow’ is a story about addiction and never giving up on living your best life. Growing up on rare groove was a dream. I would get off the bus in the city after school, grab a milkshake and strut down Rundle Street at 4:30pm. It gave me just enough time to get to the record store before it shut. I remember stacking a bunch of deep cuts under my arm, breathing deeply as I got to one of the listening stations. Zoning out with headphones on, I would transcend my worries with every needle drop.”  


Surahn continues, “I was struggling with things at home. Music had become my saviour since I was a little kid and when I started crossing over to manhood it became a way of life, an oxygen. I took up smoking pot in my teens and through the luxury of time and distance can see it helped me in some ways, but in many other ways it started my journey with addiction.” 


With a lifetime of stories to tell, most of them in his upcoming album, but many of them left behind on the countless stages he played around the world as multi-instrumentalist for juggernaut bands like Empire Of The Sun, Flight Facilities and Hayden James. His pillars of experience, like working closely with Usher for a few years in the US or his enchanted collaborations with Kimbra, give him credibility as a writer that not many can claim.

Speaking on that experience Surahn continues, "Fast forward through the heady ride of being a touring recording artist, a dancer and a prancer, I naturally took up DJing. It seemed to go hand in hand with the lifestyle. The music and the drugs became one addiction.  As life unravels into a cosmic cardigan, I have learnt to harness the power of stillness. Sitting by the fire more, listening to the forest. Without drugs. Without crutches. If I have to limp through any of life’s challenges, there is a knowing that the great oscillation will take me up and down for the rest of time."
‘Tomorrow’ is out now - listen here