Surahn - Soft Rock Summer

30 Jun 2023



Soft Rock Summer, the latest album from South Australian artist Surahn's following singles 'On The Move', 'Tomorrow', 'Surrender' and 'Weather Man'. This extraordinary collection of soulful soft rock and disco tracks promises to transport listeners to sun-soaked shores, delivering an irresistible blend of infectious melodies, smooth vocals, and groovy rhythms.

Lifting the veil on the story behind the body of work, Surahn says,” It was hot. The sun was piecing through the window of the drivers side window, turning his cheek pink as he drove onward towards the sea. The road ahead was completely empty. South Australia has a mysteriously vacant and magnetic mood out along its shore-line highways. A light breeze brought the mythical scent of summer. Driving is one of the greatest moments for any album to come to life. Whilst listening it allows one to descend into a dreamy auto pilot nostalgia. Euphoric moments flash past, forest walks, nights at the disco, when a different kind of light as the sun now flickering across his face seemed to cast spells and when promises of good times had no end.”


Surahn continues, “The little valley town was now approaching. He slowly rolled passed the one silent cafe next to the old post office, coming to rest in the empty car park. Down at the waters edge near the jetty, the sun was quiet now. It was time for it to duck behind the clouds and head to bed. Collecting his thoughts , he disembarked the old ute but not taking too long as to miss the sun setting behind the cliffs. He meandered up the old jetty to the very end and stared out into the horizon. The album is finally done. An unapologetic celebration of the rich friendship I have with my Disco beginnings as Sidwho? and The Swiss, somehow married to the notion that a singer/ song writer can play acoustic guitar and write real songs, yet dance like someone possessed by the memory of Prince ; just being his funky self.“


With a lifetime of stories to tell, most of them in the upcoming album, but many of them left behind on the countless stages he played around the world as multi-instrumentalist for juggernaut bands like Empire Of The Sun, Flight Facilities and Hayden James. His pillars of experience, like working closely with Usher for a few years in the US or his enchanted collaborations with Kimbra, give him credibility as a writer that not many can claim.

Surahn, recognised not only for his exceptional musical talent is also as the owner of the esteemed Willunga based almond farm Papershell. Presenting a unique experience for fans, the Soft Rock Summer album comes along with a limited run of 12" vinyl, as well as incredible experience and product packages such as a digital zine, beyond organic roasted almonds from Papershell and an immersive Papershell Lodge experience. Designed to enhance the sonic experience, listeners are immersed into not just the rich and vibrant compositions, but the landscapes and community that inspired them.

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