Surahn - Surrender

5 May 2023



Back with the third single off his upcoming Soft Rock Summer LP, Surahn returns with yet another upbeat and soulful track, ‘Surrender’. The lively release tells the story of a puffed up boy, high on confidence roaming New York City at night, and Surahn's masterful use of high-quality instruments, tones, and studio techniques truly shines through. ‘Surrender’ continues to build upon the narrative of his album, creating a cohesive, captivating and exciting musical journey for all listeners.

Speaking on the meaning behind the track, Surahn says, “It’s a wild world out there. Whenever I think “ City “ I think, ah, the big smoke. My body assumes a position. A night time cityscape in New York City. Late night. This story is about a puffed up boy, high on confidence. He roams the traffic-walled streets in peak hour. The sun has set and the glow of headlamps hails down your attention. Billy learns his lessons from the wise heroine in this noir, west side story.”


Surahn continues, “The tune was born from the blistering “ Guitairmonies “ at the intro. A healthy lashing of Steely Dan inspired phrasing allows me to set up the story. Ross Irwin’s horn arrangements paint the crooning swing of the chorus. His muted solo is a triumph. It’s almost as though you can hear the steam rise up through the street man holes on that middle 8 solo. Lyrical collaborator Adrian Tisato lends himself to the second verse on this one too, taking the sentiment of a spiritual surrendering all the way. Keep it going all night!”


With a lifetime of stories to tell, most of them in the upcoming album, but many of them left behind on the countless stages he played around the world as multi-instrumentalist for juggernaut bands like Empire Of The Sun, Flight Facilities and Hayden James. His pillars of experience, like working closely with Usher for a few years in the US or his enchanted collaborations with Kimbra, give him credibility as a writer that not many can claim.

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