Surahn - On The Move

25 Jan 2023



Returning to the stage after spending the past few years in hibernation on his farm in Willunga, South Australia, Surahn returns with his new single ‘On The Move’ off his forthcoming LP Soft Rock Summer. This chugging AM Golden whistler is a happy marriage between his trademark nostalgic song writing prowess and the disco laden instrumentation he is renowned for. Surahn is unapologetic in tilting his brim to cult classics like Fleetwood Mac and Eagles, but keeps the delicate balance of tone and taste in check evoking sunsets and moonrises all in one breath.

Speaking on the track, Surahn says: “‘On The Move’ is a dreamy commentary on shifting through the seasons and working with whatever life throws your way. It’s a short ride aboard the train, puffing with nostalgia, taking you through the emotions of longing to see the most treasured people in your life. The chugging guitars encourage you to stare out the window of life. Taking a breath, you draw your attention to the setting sun.”

With a lifetime of stories to tell, most of them in his upcoming album, but many of them are left behind on the countless stages he played around the world as multi-instrumentalist for juggernaut bands like Empire Of The Sun, Flight Facilities and Hayden James. His pillars of experience, like working closely with Usher for a few years in the US or his enchanted collaborations with Kimbra, give him credibility as a writer that not many can claim.

His unique brand of Soft Rock / Jazz Funk and Disco are on full display with ‘On The Move’. Using the power of the groove he has crafted a treasure trove of Balearic gems, with the full intention that some of them may possibly be found washed up on a deserted island in decades to come, only to be sampled into House music anthems of the future.

Listen here