14 Oct 2016



'Always' is the first single from the forthcoming debut EP from POOLCLVB titled 'You + Me'.

'Always' is a summery, feel-good track capped off perfectly with vocals from Carl Fox of Porches. POOCLVB pulls countless influences of his hometown in his music and artwork, showing appreciation for his culture. Not to be outdone by the Original, Odd Mob join the remix package with a cleverly emotive flip which we feel is their best work to date. Also joining the remix package is relative unknown producer from Mid North Coast, Ocular. With his only other remix to speak of for Major Lazer, we can only see this being a great addition to this special single. 

'Always' is out now. 'You + Me' EP is scheduled for release January 2017 

POOLCLVB (Spotify / Always)