POOLCLVB & Woodes - Till The End

5 Aug 2022



Just when you thought the perfect collaboration did not exist, prolific Sydney producer/DJ POOLCLVB and ethereal Melbourne singer-songwriter Woodes have teamed up to release their new single ‘Till The End’. A stunning reflection of melodic breaks and atmospheric electronic influence, POOLCLVB’s deftly constructed production and Woodes’ otherworldly vocals show that ‘Till The End’ will transport you somewhere truly special. 

Diving into the collaborative process, POOLCLVB explains: "I thrive in a collaborative environment, tapping into the energies of others to create with meaning and purpose. I adore Woodes, both artistically and personally, and when I first heard her lyrics and the tonalities and rawness in the delivery, there was something undeniably melancholic that really resonated with me on a personal level. Subconsciously, it allowed me to break-free.”

Woodes echoes a similar sentiment on the connection between the two artists: “I loved working with POOLCLVB on this - his production really matched the nostalgic memory captured in the vocals. We are both inspired by nature, and I think we met sonically in a beautiful space. When I got the first edit back, I went on a big night drive and looped it. It has a momentum and energy that evolves with the lyrics, which feels really special.”  

Expanding on that nostalgic journey, Woodes breaks down the track’s deeper meaning: “Till the End is written about love that’s everlasting, in a time of change or distance. I was writing it imagining I was talking to a friend (or really to myself) as a reminder to listen to your intuition and that it’s ok to let go of things if they no longer bring you the same happiness, even if that hurts whilst you’re in it. In times of loss or change, the love never really goes away.”

Taking a step in a different sonic direction to his previous releases, ‘Till The End’ takes POOLCLVB’s captivating sound to another level. “Till The End took shape during a period of change, sonically and personally. The structure, harmonic movement and melodic contour of Woodes’ vocal triggered a nostalgic note. I was working with Pat Carroll at the time; we share a passion for treating sound as texture and were delving into some modular. We wanted to step away from 4/4 and tribute a more broken-beat format. ‘Till The End’ is a love letter to a genre that helped shape my musical journey, a break-free sonically and emotionally.”

Listen here