DOOLIE - hope u like my mixtape

8 May 2020



DOOLIE Delivers Her Debut Mixtape + Joins Forces With Kilter for Anti-Love Song 'It's You Not Me'

On-the-rise Gold Coast singer-songwriter DOOLIE (Doolie Shadforth) today delivers her debut mixtape, titled with conviction and light-heartedness ‘hope u like my mixtape’. DOOLIE’s mixtape comes after a six-pack of artist-defining singles, the latest being empowering ‘It’s You Not Me’, produced with renowned electronic producer Kilter (Nicole Millar, Woodes, CLYPSO). 

Having connected with a tight crew of notable producers including Kilter (It’s You Not Me), Moonbase (Only For A Night), GXNXVS (Attention, 2:20), Cam Nacson (Slow Crawl), ALIUS (Conflicted), Paces (Don’t Run) and POOLCLVB (Freefall), ‘hope u like my mixtape’ is a spotlight on a soaring 12 months in and out of the studio for DOOLIE, all leading up to this pivotal moment. “It’s been such a journey to get to this point, these songs represent different times in my life and have come together as a soundtrack I wish I had. I hope they connect with anyone going through a similar time in their lives. The collaboration process on this mixtape, has helped me grow so much personally, as well as a songwriter. I’m so thankful for all the amazing people I’ve worked with, and who’ve been part of the process with me,” explains DOOLIE. 

‘It’s You Not Me’ is inspired by the emotional roller coaster of “coming out of a breakup and taking off those rose-coloured glasses”, explains DOOLIE. “All the frustration and anger boiling up to the point where you gain clarity. I wanted to emulate that emotion through this song, especially the feeling of deciding that you mean it when you say you’re not coming back.” 

With a working relationship that stems back to performing together at Big Pineapple Festival in 2018, DOOLIE and Kilter have formed a powerful musical alliance reflected by this track. “Working with Kilter was so fun and he really captured the energy of the song in this production. He helped me change the structure up with a third verse instead of a bridge and I think that makes the song so much more impactful,” shares DOOLIE. 

Fronting a compelling catalogue of releases, DOOLIE has become a mouthpiece for millennial romance with her sharp and playful lyrics, delivering a fresh blend of mid-tempo pop/R&B with a dramatic edge, most recently putting her in a finalist position for the Gold Coast Music Awards’ inaugural Gold Coast Music Prize, as well as the People’s Choice award. Her impressive live performance has further established her presence, seeing her take the stage at festivals like Splendour In The Grass, Falls Festival and Big Pineapple. 



1. Only For A Night 

2. It’s You Not Me 

3. Attention feat. China Roses 

4. Slow Crawl 

5. 2:20 feat. Charlie Threads 

6. No Game 

7. Conflicted 

8. Dark Waters 

9. Freefall 

10. Don’t Run

DOOLIE - hope u like my mixtape