11 Jan 2019





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Sydney’s CLYPSO today delivers her debut EP ‘Cameo’, featuring 2018 favourites ‘Pop Roll Flow’ and ‘Middle Ground’ featuring Kwame, latest single ‘Strange Behaviour’ featuring Sophiegrophy, as well as two fresh new tracks. ‘Cameo’ is a collage of the musical fabric that is CLYPSO, bent around the edges and in the name of free-loving groove; pure escapism. It is a collection of hyperactive beat-driven flight of ideas as well as a pastiche of the artist's sonic and cultural influences.

There’s always a twist in a CLYPSO song; it’s happy-pill music with a bit of bite.

On releasing ‘Cameo’, CLYPSO says “I spent many twilight hours producing and writing Cameo, my debut EP. It was important for me to include a variety of styles and themes as I slowly carve out the CLYPSO sound, because for me it’s been a process of discovery. I’ve realised how much of what I listened to as a kid has become so ingrained in my DNA that it seeps through into the music. It still blows my mind! Lyrically it’s personal but I’m sure really universal. I’m excited that the EP gives a little taste of the energy of what a CLYPSO show is like; I’m always thinking of my live show when I produce, they go hand in hand.”

‘Cameo’ encapsulates the essence of CLYPSO; the tone of the EP is undoubtedly bright. Building on the momentum of previous singles, CLYPSO continues to deliver with undeniable banger and live show opener ‘Bounty’ (co-produced by Kilter), chanting ‘catch me, catch me if you can’. Further showcasing her wide-ranging talent, ‘Beyond Desire’ is a change of pace; an emotive ballad which features ARIA award winning world music artist Bobby Singh on tabla. After writing this song with a tabla sample, CLYPSO approached her dream choice, Singh, who recorded the part as well as an amazing solo alongside CLYPSO in his Melbourne studio.

A songwriter and vocalist who produces all of her own tracks, CLYPSO has been turning heads since exploding onto the scene in 2017 with her breakthrough single ‘YOLO’. Her unique sound is showcased throughout the Cameo EP, with her vibrant production, infectious beats and signature vocal style shining through.

2018 saw CLYPSO come into her own as a live performer, being hand-picked to tour nationally with PNAU, supporting What So Not, and playing huge festivals such as Meredith, Festival of the Sun, Lost Paradise & more. Be sure to catch CLYPSO on tour on the below dates for her Cameo EP tour and listen to the Cameo EP now

Cameo EP Tracklist
1. Enter
2. Strange Behaviour feat. Sophiegrophy
3. Pop Roll Flow
4. Bounty
5. Middle Ground feat. Kwame
6. Beyond Desire feat. Bobby Singh

 “CLYPSO has absolutely killed it in 2018”Purple Sneakers

“Since initially catching our eyes and ears in 2017, the Sydney-based musician has gone from strength to strength” – Pilerats

“CLYPSO is by far one of the most interesting voices to come to the electronic stage in a while”
Happy Mag

‘You can envision the direction CLYPSO’s career is heading and man, she’s only getting started’
The AU Review

"Having followed CLYPSO’s career for a while now, it’s so exciting to see how she’s gone from strength to strength over such a short period of time… Big things ahead” – Tone Deaf

CLYPSO (Cameo EP / packshot)