Vlossom - Take Another Minute

29 Apr 2022



By method of music, Vlossom, the project of Alister Wright (Cloud Control, Godess911) and Nicholas Littlemore (PNAU, Empire Of The Sun), guide us through a world of positivity, growth and beauty. The band engaged us on themes of compassion and togetherness on their 2020 debut EP My Friend, pushed on the walls of our psyche with ‘Open Your Mind’ and today encourage us to slow down and reflect with their new single ‘Take Another Minute’. Co-written with Littlemore’s creative partner in Empire of the Sun, Luke Steele, and produced by PNAU, ‘Take Another Minute’ takes us on a journey through time, calling on us to cherish special memories and people we meet along the way.


With its pulsing beat and swelling synths ‘Take Another Minute’ explodes into an uplifting, otherworldly groove elevated by Wright’s seamless vocals. Expanding on the single, Littlemore expresses, "Memory plays a huge role in the creation of most, if not all of our music. This song comes from a place half imagined at a drive-in movie theater; rolls out like a dream, but maybe the impression of it is too hazy now to say for sure. We all miss somebody who has passed, for some of us it’s many. It’s really just a matter of time; cherish all always."

Listen now: vlossom.etcetc.to/takeanotherminute

Vlossom - Take Another Minute