Fever Ray - Live At Troxy (Album)

2 Aug 2019

Fever Ray


'Fever Ray - Live at The Troxy' album is out now. 

Fever Ray delivers her 'Live At Troxy' album, a live recording from her celebrated March 2018 show at London’s Troxy.  

“Dreijer cultivated an atmosphere of total transparency: of community, compassion, freedom and empowerment among her predominantly — and defiantly — female performers and crew. In an industry that continually struggles with gender diversity, Dreijer is smashing boundaries, breaking free of the patriarchy and creating an enterprise that is driven by women and individuals not bound by gender.” - 'Fever Ray's Band of Insiders' by Laura Snapes for The Red Bulletin  

For the live tour following the release of “Plunge”, Dreijer was adamant about working with as many women or non-binary people as a male-dominated music and live industry would allow. Dreijer invited five other performers to collaborate with them on the production and design of the show. Five out of the six performers involved are around 40 years old, and four of them have children, evidence of Dreijer’s commitment to challenging perceived norms not just around gender, but age, sexuality and motherhood too, all themes found on the album “Plunge”. 


Fever Ray - Live At Troxy (Album)