Fever Ray - IDK About You

2 Mar 2018

Fever Ray


Fever Ray has debuted their new video for “IDK About You,” the latest chapter of their narrative series being released in support of their latest album, Plunge. In the video, Fever Ray introduces the members of their touring band. As was the case with the previously unveiled videos, this one was filmed in Stockholm with creative direction by Martin Falck. Explore the Plunge narrative below.

Part I: “Switch Seeks Same”

Part II: “A New Friend”

Part III: “To The Moon And Back” (Official Video)

Part IV: “The Twosome Takeover”

Part V: “Wanna Sip” (Official Video)

Part VI: Transcendental Friendship

Part VII: “IDK About You” (Official Video)

Plunge - released in October of 2017 – was met with rampant critical acclaim and could be found on numerous Best Of lists at the end of 2017. 

"Electronic pop hasn’t sounded this radical in years." – Pitchfork

"One of 2017’s most brazen [records], guaranteed to leave your heart racing…" – AV Club

"The most dementedly thrilling music that Dreijer has ever made." – Stereogum

"Plunge is Karin Dreijer at her most vulnerable and powerful, a righteous reclamation of kink.” – NPR

Fever Ray (IDK About You / Packshot)