Dual Manner


The Naarm (Melbourne) based live electronic duo, Dual Manner, made up of TJ Alcaniz (left) and Bryce Buxton (right), merge hard and energetic production with emotive ambition. The result is a powerfully personal take on dance music, backed by the duo’s performance and extensive music theory background.

With eight impressive singles under their belt, Dual Manner have hit the ground running since their formation in 2019. Singer/songwriter TJ is from a small country town in the high country of Victoria, worked as a carpenter and busker, while Bryce, an accomplished jazz bass player, is also a self-taught music producer and mixing engineer. Both skills combine to craft the formidable song writing and sound of Dual Manner inspired by from artists like Bonobo, Tom Misch, Golden Features and T.E.E.D.

Currently completing their first body of work, Dual Manner are pushing forward their melancholic techno sound towards a more contemporary soundboard of rave and hard dance which is exciting a rebellion of young dance fans globally.