Danny T & James Curd Apply Changes

February 19, 2014 Posted by admin at 1:30 pm

The German #1 single from Faul & Wad Ad vs. PNAU receives a hypnotic house revival with two local remixes. The big digger, Danny T serves a deep house delight with a ‘Changes’ remix that will warm your senses and bury you under the dancefloor.

“I wanted to do a mix that would cross over many dance floors, from a bass heavy sweaty back-room at 4am, to a main room warm-up weapon.”
Danny T

James Curd’s remix throws it back to the mesmerizing PNAU hook and gives ‘Changes’ the cruising cosmic flavour he knows how to serve up so well.

“It’s been almost 10 years since I first remixed ‘Enuffs Enuf’ for PNAU. I’ve always liked and followed their music since then. When I had a chance to remix “Changes” I really wanted to give the song and vocals a nostalgic feeling with a contemporary approach. I hope the fun I had remixing it translates to your listening experience on the dancefloor or on the car radio!!”
James Curd

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December 5, 2013 Posted by admin at 10:59 am

The notorious hook from PNAU’s, ‘Baby’, receives a smooth, hypnotic house revival in a rework from front wave French producer, Faul. ‘Changes’ has gone viral in Europe, with noticeable reblog and playlist additions throughout popular YouTube networks such as The Sound You Need.

Charting distinctly throughout Europe also, ‘Changes’ currently sits at #1 on the German iTunes singles chart and is progressing further up both club and airplay charts throughout France, Switzerland and the UK!

Alongside the original and radio mixes, one of Berlin’s most versatile producers, Tocadisco, turns out a sunny LA high quality house groove of ‘Changes’. Stefan Dabruck turns up the heat with some EDM ammunition and Germany’s own Robin Schulz allows us to simmer with a delicate house cut.

A sure fire hit for the summer, ‘Changes’ is set to be the epic return of PNAU into the arena of sophisticated house music and is a good tease into their forthcoming revival in the new year. Untz untz.

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Elton John & Pnau Get Psychadelic In ‘Sad’

July 4, 2012 Posted by Ben.Zooky at 11:45 am

It’s a project which has been in the works for over 2 years, and in recent months we have merely heard it beamed across the pond via BBC Radio – a sensory experience which left much to be desired. But alas, the first video (and second single) from Elton John & PNAU’s conceptual album ‘Good Morning To The Night’ has hit the internet.


So, a little on the project…

The highly anticipated collaboration between one of modern music’s most influential artists and Australia’s leading electronic duo, liberates decades of archived recordings and compositions in lesson of creation, enlightenment and rebirth.

A dynamic modernization of original studio and live recordings, Good Morning To The Night redefines the timelessness of Elton John’s own works through collaborative exploration, sampling, sequencing and synthesis by the leading force in experimental and epic electronica, PNAU. The conceptual album draws elements from no-less-than 40 known, and unknown recordings, re-produced into eight euphonious moments. Spanning stratospheric and sonic bounds across the score, PNAU sculpt a warm, psychedelic symphony – rich in melodic keys and harmony — with the lead singles ‘Good Morning To The Night’ and ‘Sad’ a teasing gaze into what is destined to become one of the greatest musical works in celestial history.

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Unite Us

December 8, 2011 Posted by admin at 2:20 pm

Silence is traditionally golden, except when you have been waiting too long between drinks… and when drinks actually means a new single from PNAU, then silence can be unbearable. We can finally reveal what’s next from the duo of Peter Mayes and Nick Littlemore – Unite Us. We could have revealed it a little earlier, but we thought that we’d make you sweat it out a little bit first, but the remixes and videos for Unite Us are well and truly in, and are have hit the internet.

Having already primed combustion tanks of their interstellar ‘Soft Universe’ voyager, PNAU have broken orbit to deliver their next single – Unite Us. An anthemic re-entry into the musical stratosphere, Unite Us is the lovers sonnet of the electronic age – hitting the soul with emotionally charged vocals, deep arpeggiated synth lines and stadium readied synth stabs which scream the sadistic woes of stretched heartstrings.

Never before has heartbreak sounded this good.

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A Cosmically Soft Universe

July 22, 2011 Posted by admin at 12:58 pm

PNAU Soft Universe

PNAU have always caused a bit of fuss and fluster with every project they’re invovled with, and delivering their latest album Soft Universe was no different. “It’s the sound of now…” according to Rolling Stone, and we would tend to agree with them in this instance. Soft Universe is an amazing expression of emotive electronica, defining a point in space, time and music for the band. With the duo taking to the main-stage at Splendour In The Grass sooner than you can imagine, you’re running out of time to learn the lyrics, so grab your copy of Soft Universe from JB Hifi or iTunes today.

PNAU – Soft Universe by etcetcmusic

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Solid Ground

June 6, 2011 Posted by admin at 9:35 am

Pnau Solid Ground

Electronic powerhouse PNAU return with Solid Ground, the second single from their eagerly anticipated album Soft Universe – due to hit stores on July 22. It’s the kind of emotionally charged electronica that is expected from the band, rich with intricate musicality, catchy lyrics and infectious hooks, Solid Ground surges with energy and melodically rules the current electro-pop landscape. With the track hitting radio this week, and the duo’s album and East Coast + Splendour In The Grass tour in the coming weeks, all eyes (and ears) are definitely on PNAU.

PNAU – Solid Ground (Radio Edit) by etcetcmusic

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Pnau: Set to tour the universe

May 9, 2011 Posted by admin at 5:25 pm

Pnau Aus Tour

Yes, we all know that PNAU are returning to Australia to play at Splendour In The Grass, but for those who are not lucky enough to get tickets – feel free to rejoice. In preparation of their fourth album ‘Soft Universe‘, Nick and Pete are heading down the East Coast of Australia on a their Soft Universe Tour! Albeit a brief love affair, this is one experience set to rival creation itself.

Tickets are on sale now through all usual outlets, so grab them while they’re still available.

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Pnau are heading to Splendour

April 15, 2011 Posted by Ben.Zooky at 9:48 am

Splendour In The Grass

If the national broadband network actually existed, than there is no doubt it would have crashed this week. With the hive of activity surrounding the Splendour In The Grass line-up announcement, we were all a bit hot under the collar when the news of PNAU‘s appearance at Woodfordia was confirmed. With a second single looming, and their latest album ‘Soft Universe’ set to be released before the end of the year – now is the time of PNAU!

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Ain’t that The Truth

February 28, 2011 Posted by admin at 1:15 pm

Waiting and PNAU appear to be two things cohesively linked – with the band waiting until their national Big Day Out tour to release the first teasing single from their forthcoming album ‘The Truth‘. After weeks of holding tight, editing, cutting, pasting, and a plethora of other design and film buzz words, the official video for ‘The Truth’ has finally surfaced and made it’s way onto the internet.

So, without further adieu, may your ears and eyes feat on the audio-visual amazingness which is ‘The Truth’. Shot by L.A. outfit Skinny, the video is spectacular and one worthy of the internets bandwidth.

Your ears may have heard the latest single from PNAU oscillating throughout the universe, but we can assure you that your eyes have not seen this – The official video for Pnau’s latest single ‘The Truth’ is finally here! Shot by L.A. outfit Skinny, the video is visual spectacular, and provides a sensory experience to accompany the never-ending search for The Truth.
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PNAU get all Jump Jump Dance Dance

January 10, 2011 Posted by admin at 5:35 pm


Your ears may have heard the latest single from PNAU oscillating across the nations radio waves, but we can assure you that they haven’t heard this. Jump Jump Dance Dance wrestled a copy of ‘The Truth‘ from the grasp of Nick Littlemoreand Peter Mayes, and gave it the once over through the Jump Jump Dance Dance Machine.

Now, we don’t usually give too much away, but there are some things that just need to be shared. So, here’s a belated X-Mas present for your iTunes library.

PNAU – The Truth (Jump Jump Dance Dance Remix).mp3


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