Attaque – ON LY OU

November 4, 2014 Posted by admin at 12:44 pm

What do you do when it looks like you’re finally realising your life’s dream of making it in techno; when you’re at long last turning up on the playlists of the scene’s biggest DJs and being whisked to all corners of the globe to play to packed-out, rapturous dancefloors?
For Colchester based electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist Dominic Gentry aka Attaque it was the moment to hang up the headphones and make a beautiful electronica record with breathtaking songs, ethereal textures, intelligent melodies and not a single club track in sight. That record is ON LY OU – out now on etcetc.

ON LY OU is a remarkable debut that marries Attaque’s mastery of forward-thinking electronica, shoegaze and heartfelt pop. The record seamlessly glides from the euphoric to the more intimate and emotive.

A born musician and electronic music devotee since his early teens, it was in late 2011 when Gentry conceived the Attaque moniker. Radio 1 and Mixmag heaped praise on his early techno releases as he appeared on some of Europe’s coolest electronic labels: Kitsune, Turbo, Boys Noize and Bad Life, a revered Boiler Room DJ set followed soon after. It was a couple of months later after Attaque had just played his first show in Japan when he came home to the UK and realised he no longer felt inspired to make 4/4 music for 5 am dark, sweaty raves. He called time on touring and locked himself away for a full year to craft his debut artist offering.

For ON LY OU, Gentry has amassed contributions from some outstanding young vocalists, with the album featuring Adam Pleas (Qtier – London), Yannick Meyer (Native Young, Cape Town) and Daniel Hunter (Analog Rebellion – Aledo, Texas).
Attaque’s live show has made the transition from studio to the live sphere, having played London’s Koko earlier this month, he will announce more shows shortly.

1. Distant
2. Change Your Mind
3. Only You
4. Future Earth
5. Isolation
6. Let It Down
7. You Can’t Surrender If You’re Already Dead
8. I Give It Away
9. War Path
10. No Going Back

ON LY OU is an album full of ambition and promise through which Attaque succeeds in justifying his status amongst the brightest names in the electronic scene.

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Luke Million – Light & Sound

August 27, 2014 Posted by admin at 5:55 pm

Following a string of seminal releases with acclaimed imprints such as Future Classic, Kitsuné and Nervous, Luke Million proudly joins the etcetc family with his new EP, ‘Light & Sound’.

Luke Million has gained house-party, cult status with ‘Arnold’ (1.3 million spins and counting) as well as enjoying bountiful JJJ play for his last EP ‘Midnight Galaxy’; which was released through historic NYC house label Nervous Records. Luke Million’s signature synth-laden, cosmic disco style also appears in all its glory through remixes for musical amigos Olympic Ayres, Moullinex, Midnight Pool Party, and upcomers for High Highs, Tkay Maidza and his other band The Swiss.

Completing a series of hot mix tapes for Thump, Discobelle and Last Gas Station, Luke’s created a Soundcloud series of disco re-imaginations of past hits – The Doors, Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk and Pink Floyd – which have all been hyper-powered with racks and racks of bespoke analogue gear.
Written with Sterling Silver, lead single ‘Light & Sound’ enlists the beautiful mystery vocalist from previous track ‘Midnight’. The feel-good, disco-fuelled jam explores the emotive connection of light, sound and beyond juiced up with live bass, soaring synths and a guitar lick Nile Rodgers would be happy to call his own.

In collaboration with Entropico (Touch Sensitive, Beni, Nicky Night Time) and illustrator Laura Ives, the video for ‘Light & Sound’ features a beautiful watercolour fox traversing a landscape, embarking on a wistful journey of colour, sound and transmutation.

Whether you’re a disco dabbler or hard-out extremist ‘Light & Sound’ is poised to become a summer sizzler, with more class than a super yacht champagne brunch. With Luke Million’s ability for creating crossover cult classics ‘Light & Sound’ looks set to join the fold, just in the nick of time.
Ahead of the release of his ‘Light & Sound EP’, Luke Million will perform at Big Sound, Wednesday 10thSeptember 2014.

PREVIEW: Luke Million – Light & Sound

Friday 5th September – Mr Kim’s, Adelaide
Wednesday 10th September, Big Sound Showcase
Saturday 13th September, Arts SA showcase

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Two Door Poster Club

January 11, 2011 Posted by admin at 9:13 am


It seems that everyone is getting a little bit tech-savvy in twenty-eleven.

Not to miss out on this fun, we’ve been grinding gears, bits and bandwidths interwebs for the past few months with our friends from Kitsune, Glassnote and Two Door Cinema Club to bring you – TWO DOOR POSTER CLUB.

Forget collecting stamps, we’re focusing upon photos. 400 of them. Well, 400 of your photos, which will be collaged together to make one giant block mounted TDCC Tour Poster. This one-of-a-kind piece will be signed, sealed, and delivered along with a heap of signed TDCC merch to one lucky fan.

For your chance to win, visit the etcetc facebook page, and get uploading and voting.

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Kitsuné get Tropical

September 22, 2010 Posted by admin at 2:11 pm


French taste makers Kitsuné Maison have recruited some new talent into their artistic flock – London trio IS TROPICAL. The youthful trio signed up a recording deal with Kitsuné / Cooperative Music, allowing their bass heavy, beat driven, pop-influenced lo-fi dance music to infiltrate the hearts and minds of the world. Their debut single ‘South Pacific‘ is scheduled for November 8th 2010.

In a frivolous act of audio-visual-foreplay, the kids prep’d up a little tease of their video clip. Enjoy.

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July 23, 2010 Posted by Eva at 10:16 am


KITSUNÉ-PONYSTEP mixed by Jerry Bouthier

Rays of sunshine finally kick in as the always ebullient Kitsuné teams up with London’s Ponystep for a summer mix cd ‘très mode’.

Fusing pop, electro, indie, disco and more, Kitsuné-Ponystep mixes tracks and remixes from some of the hottest names around (Roisin Murphy, French Horn Rebellion, Booka Shade, Aeroplane, Lindstrom, Munk…); a truly international cast that goes as far as Sydney, Perth, NYC, Oslo, Berlin, Munich, Manchester and inevitably Paris and London. Seventy minutes designed to make you dance… and also, at times, move you. In today’s troubled times, emotion has become fashion’s latest by-word and is certainly an essential ingredient here: plenty of songs, with vocals and people playing instruments such as new Xenomania artist Florrie, Northern Ireland’s finest Two Door Cinema Club, Belgium’s Das Pop, Vienna’s Bunny Lake, Sweden’s Lo-Fi Fnk, David E Sugar… a far cry from the dull thump you often find associated with fashion soundtracks. As such Kitsuné-Ponystep is not just a dj mix, Andrea Gorgerino, Bouthier’s studio side-kick and half of their recording project JBAG (also a versatile dj unit that has remixed Ladyhawke, Kylie, Sparks and S-Express), knows like no other how to apply magic, and a bit of drama, as he does on the shows to enhance the aural experience.
So if you are a curious, be looking forward to the aficionados of uplift of dance beat held be the first Kitsuné-Ponystep collection. Before you know it, a new season will be upon you!


1. Róisín Murphy ‘Momma’s Place’
2. Bag Raiders ‘Turbo Love (Light Year remix)’
3. Munk ‘La Musica’
4. Two Door Cinema Club ‘I Can Talk (French Horn Rebellion remix)’
5. Voltaire Twins ‘D.I.L. (JBAG’s hot pop remix)’
6. Florrie ‘911 (Beataucue remix – JBAG edit)’
7. JBAG ft Louise Prey ‘X Ray Sex’
8. Adamski ‘I Dream Of You (2010 version)’
9. Lindstrom ‘I Feel Space (Freeform 5 remix / JBAG re-edit)
10. D-Pulse’ Highway To Saturn (JBAG edit)’
11. Jupiter ‘Mama Used To Say
12. Act Yo Age ‘La Fumo Loco (In Flagranti remix)’
13. Rainbow Arabia ‘Holidays In Congo (Myd remix)’
14. Lo-Fi-Fnk ‘Steppin’ Out (Popular Computer remix / JBAG re-edit)’
15. May 68 ‘My Ways’
16. David E Sugar ‘Party Killer’
17. Booka Shade ‘Regenerate
18. Bunny Lake ‘Army Of Lovers (JBAG’s hot pop remix)’
19. Mustang ‘Try To Dance’
20. Das Pop ‘Fool For Love (Aeroplane remix)’

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Florrie’s single ‘Call 911′ on new Kitsuné compilation!

June 25, 2010 Posted by Eva at 12:04 pm


Meet Florrie: as traditional a musician and performer as can possibly be, but at the same time a completely new type of independent pop artist.

21 year old Florrie is a multi-talented British and box-fresh new artist ready to make her own indelible impression on 2010’s wonderfully varied musical landscape. A drummer, singer, songwriter and guitarist, Florrie is the former Xenomania house-band drummer, and has now fought her way out from behind the band to take centre stage with her own music.

Call 911 (Beataucue remix) is the lead single from the Kitsuné x Ponystep compilation mixed by Jerry Bouthier.

July 12th sees Florrie makes her release debut with ‘Call 911’, the lead single to be taken from the brand new Kitsune X Ponystep compilation CD. ‘Call 911’, co-written with contemporary disco legend Fred Falke, sits perfectly on an ultra-cool album that fuses pop, electro, indie, disco and more, highlighting that Florrie’s music rests at the centre of an international roll-call of fantastic modern dance-pop. ‘Call 911’ also comes with mixes by Bart B More, Beataucue and His Majesty Andre.

From picking up her first pair of drumsticks at the age of seven, and first guitar at twelve, Florrie has already chalked up over 100 live shows as a drummer, as well as playing on some of the best pop records of recent years for the likes of Kylie, Girls Aloud and Pet Shop Boys.

Currently unsigned, Florrie is giving away her music via her website and her tracks have become a big favourite at Hype Machine.

Be quick because this opportunity won’t last very long!

‘Kitsune X Ponystep’ album is released on Kitsune on July 16th 2010

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Kitsuné Maison 9: The Cotton Issue

April 7, 2010 Posted by Eva at 10:06 am

Maison compolation

Another brand new fine album from Kitsuné, full of inspiration from a child called ‘Yume’. Indeed here is officially the most snuggly, peaceful, motherly Kitsuné compilation until now – soft as cotton. In the midst of one of the worst winters Paris has known for a long time and with so many conflicts all around, there was a need to reach out for a calming and tender nature. As a result this new compilation brings you almost as much comfort as taking a newly born in your arms and giving him a cuddle.

A fully padded compilation that’s rather more candid, innocent and carefree than the norm, and which is still inviting the listener to shake his hips. The kindliness of a home (Maison) forever opened to all kinds of ideas. Suddenly a new transversal approach shapes up with this compilation attractive to ears of all ages. Rested, serene, more contemplative, with a selection that’s probably more geared at Sunday afternoon than Saturday night, more ‘yuzu green tea’ than stupid ‘alcopops’. Sure there are a few hysterical sirens in the Jupiter track, but It sure is something that you’ll have your ears glued to.


01. Washed Out – Belong
02. Gamble & Burke – Let’s Go Together
03. Penguin Prison – Animal Animal
04. Jamaica – Short and Entertaining
05. Crookers feat. Yelle – Cooler Couleur
06. Jupiter – Vox Populi (Lifelike Treatment)
07. Yuksek – Supermenz (We’re Not)
08. Fenech-Soler – Stop And Stare
09. Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix)
10. Logo – La Vie Moderne
11. Silver Columns – Brow Beaten
12. Holy Ghost! – Say My Name
13. Hurts – Wonderful Life (Arthur Baker Remix Kitsuné Edit)

14. Gypsy & The Cat – Time to Wander (Joan of  Arc Remix)
15. Feldberg – Dreamin’
16. Your Nature – Forward Motion
17. The Good Natured – Your Body is a Machine(Zebra+Snake Remix)
18. Monarchy The Phoenix Alive (The Octans Edit)

Kitsune 9 will be released on the 23rd April, 2010

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Kitsuné Maison Compilation 8

November 13, 2009 Posted by Eva at 3:42 pm

PackshotHere is the eighth Maison compilation from Kitsuné: the chic and nice issue.

The Kitsuné house is now packed with friends, girls and boys, new and old. Quiet girls, neurotic boys, Kitsuné mobilizes all that is most passionate and exciting.

We won’t list the number of groups and artists discovered on Kitsuné compilations that have since become headliners, we have no time for that. Because we always need resources, and pleasure, and brilliant new music that will change the course of the day when you press play. And new encounters. And from then on also the pleasure of nurturing relationships, having the chance to go deeper in them and dig some grooves, to be surprised by those you thought you already knew.

Two Door Cinema Club
and Delphic are the latest additions to the Kitsuné family and their respective forthcoming debut albums will be out soon. Midnight Juggernauts, Beni, Heartsrevolution, Slagsmålsklubben, Chew Lips and Crystal Fighters will soon follow.

It was a two months listening-marathon of sorts in Kitsuné’s Montmartre offices and everywhere else for that matter. This time it’s even more of a world tour: there’s French singing, Japanese singing. There are Finns, Swedes, Germans, Australians…basically everyone’s invited.

Kitsuné Maison Compilation 8
is out now on etcetc.

1. French Horn RebellionUp All Night
2. The Drums Let’s Go Surfing
3. Siriusmo High Together
4. Le Corps Mince de FrançoiseSomething Golden
5. Midnight JuggernautsThis New Technology
6. HeartsrevolutionDance Till Dawn
7. Logo – Junocide
8. Two Door Cinema ClubI Can Talk (Moulinex Remix)
9. SlagsmålsklubbenBrutal Weapons
10. Beni Maximus (Harvard Bass Remix)
11. AMWE Friction Between The Lovers
12. Jolie Cherie Star
13. Chew Lips Salt Air (Alex Kapranos Remix)
14. Delphic This Momentary
15. Memory Tapes Bicycle
16. Parallels Find the Fire
17. Nottee Control
19. Crystal FightersI Love London
20. My Tiger My Timing I Am The Sound

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Kitsuné Remixes 2

October 22, 2009 Posted by Eva at 5:36 pm

km-remix2_02After the success of Kitsuné Remixes, French label Kitsuné have decided to release the second edition of the series, gathering some of the most talented electro producers like Classixx, Sinden, Tepr, les petits pilous, or Todd Edwards and many others.

From La Roux to Phoenix, from Etienne de Crécy to A-Trak, each producer has remixed a song in his own new way, transcending pop tunes or rock songs and turning them into dancefloor anthems.

Kitsuné Remixes #2 features 15 remixes and B sides from the Kitsuné Maison, all on the same compilation. The Kitsuné story goes on!

Buy the album here!


  1. Ted & FrancisErlend (Ted & Francis Remix)
  2. Crystal FightersXtatic Truth (Renaissance Man Remix)
  3. La Roux – In for the Kill (Lifelike Remix)
  4. Chew Lips – Solo (Tepr Remix)
  5. autoKratz Always More (Goshi Goshi Mix)
  6. Etienne de Crécy & Monsieur Jo Hannukah (Les Petits Pilous Remix)
  7. A-Trak – Say Whoa (Sinden Remix)
  8. Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya Fuck Friend (CSS Remix)
  9. Appaloosa – The Day (We Fell In Love) [Todd Edwards’Liturgical Mix]
  10. PhoenixLisztomania (Holy Ghost! Loves Paris Remixomania)
  11. Guns ‘n’ Bombs Riddle of Steel (Classixx Remix)
  12. Beni My Love Sees You (Coco Walsh Etienne de Crécy Mix)
  13. Heartsrevolution Ultraviolence (Chateau Marmont Remix)
  14. In Flagranti Business Acumen (You Love Her Coz Shes Dead Alteration)
  15. MAYBB Touring In NY (Blatta & Inesha Street Meat Remix)
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Coming Soon: Kitsuné Maison Compilation 8

October 15, 2009 Posted by Eva at 6:50 pm

You’ve barely finished listening to Maison 7, and Maison 8 is already here!

As you’d expect from the Parisian label famous for it’s talent spotting, Maison 8 is a crystal ball filled with hauntingly accurate hit-predictions.  With Midnight Juggernauts, Delphic, Beni, Two Door Cinema Club, Heartsrevolution, Memory Tapes, and The Drum, it’s no suprise that this volume has been dubbed “the chic and nice issue”.

Out November 13.

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