Sumner - Desire

29 Sep 2022



Following on from their last single ‘Good Light’, Sumner return to show their more playful side with new release ‘Desire’. Co-produced with PNAU, ‘Desire’ is an energetic anthem to sing at the top of your lungs, capturing the feeling of falling in love and the exhilaration that comes with it. Accompanied by a lively and light-hearted official video ‘Desire’ will be available September 29th via Lab78 and is a taste of Sumner’s upcoming EP to be released in early 2023.


“Desire blossomed from a bit of a jam we had during a writing trip to Tullah, Tasmania,” explain Sumner. “It was late in the night, we’d had a few too many beers and the energy in the room was frantic yet productive. After showing Nick and Peter (from PNAU) the demo, we worked on it intensively for a couple of days in the studio in Sydney whilst recording our upcoming EP. The four of us working together to express this feeling of wondrous ecstasy rolled on effortlessly, resulting in a punchy and vibrant expression of lust and excitement. We took inspiration from that addictive sounds-like-sunshine indie rock sound that we grew up with, particularly influenced by the soundscape of French band Phoenix. That sort of sonic flavour delivers the air of teenage fling, full of innocence and excitement, that Desire explores.”

Sumner are the third signing to Nick Littlemore and Peter Mayes’ Lab78 label with Nick Littlemore first coming across Jack and Chloe at a festival in Tasmania. “Pete and I came across this band while on tour in regional Tasmania. We shared a stage together at the Forth pub on a sweet breezy day a few years back. We were struck by their fierce intensity. Working with the creative powerhouse Sumner is always a ride. Chloe exudes the kind of teen spirit that all great front people have possessed since the world discovered rock and roll. This new song is no exception.”


‘Desire’ comes with a one-take video that’s sure to bring a smile to your face. “When we started brainstorming with our director Jacob Collings, we wanted to poke a bit of fun at ourselves in terms of how seriously we take our video shoots - the end result is a one take performance filmed simultaneously on digital (Ursula Woods) and 16mm (Robert Agostino) formats. Desire is an energetic and upbeat track about love and excitement, and so it was important to us that the film clip matched that same light-hearted and positive energy.”


‘Desire’ comes at the end of Sumner’s live run supporting Boo Seeka on their 10 stop national tour and follows on from breakthrough single ‘Stranded’ and follow up single ‘South’. With ‘Desire’ being a fantastic addition to their exhilarating live shows, you can still catch the duo at their Hobart and Launceston Boo Seeka support slots in October and Wine Machine Festival in South Australia this December.

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