San Mei - In Comes The World

25 Mar 2022

San Mei


In Comes The World is the introspective new EP from Gold Coast singer-songwriter San Mei (Emily Hamilton). Written and produced by San Mei during a spell of overwhelming challenges, the EP sees Hamilton celebrating the highs and the lows of such difficult times and the lessons that they bring. 

San Mei unpacks the process and meaning behind the EP: “This collection of songs came to me at a time when I felt like I was really experiencing what it was to be human, to feel the weight of the world come tumbling in; where in that moment in my life, I was being challenged by different things all at once. it felt like waves just crashing in on me one after the other. To me this EP is a celebration of that because the highs and lows and lessons I learnt during that time have tested me, changed me, and made me come out stronger at the other end.  The songs feel like a mix of light and dark, highs and lows - to me, a beautiful reflection of what it is to be alive and to navigate being a human.”

Alongside her past three singles including her latest dreamy release ‘Sink Or Swim’, San Mei delivers two new tracks ‘Steal Me’ and ‘Every Beat Of Your Heart’, both continuing her signature open guitar sounds and ‘heart on your sleeve’ song writing. Speaking on ‘Every Beat Of Your Heart’ San Mei explains: “This song is about the fragility of new love; that precarious moment where you’re so high on a feeling but so aware that it could easily come crashing down before it really starts. It has its moments of desperation, and those things you say that verge on ridiculous when you’re falling for someone. I wanted the song to feel a little dizzy, with the contrast of sweet melodies and sentiments against the moments of dark and gritty production, which to me reflects that dangerous feeling of falling in love.”

Listen now:
In Comes The World