Pnau - Changa

10 Nov 2017



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You begin with a disco strut. The bass slaps you forward; a voice tickles you sideways. A piano keyed euphoria swells around you and sucks you upwards into the belly of a cosmic beast. You pop up like a cork and float down a river of innocence. The river twists. 

Go deeper. 

You’re spiralling upwards, outwards, inwards; you’re pixelating and ruminating and exploding into a stratosphere of sugary abandon. No, wait, fuck, you’re back on the dance floor. Anchored by the four-four. Feet pedalling, shoulders loose and a smile so wide it hurts. You smile wider. You dance harder.

You go deeper.

Now you’re walking past trees and seas and endless sands into the skies at the edge of your mind. You’re moving so fast your sweat is dripping into the corners of your brain. It fills you up then leaks back out of your mouth as a vibrant young melody.

You’re whipped off your feet by a sudden gust of white noise then left hanging upside-down, held by your ankles on a tightly wound brass hook as the great icy mess of your life melts around you. Suddenly released into silence, you crumple in a heap on the floor—then stand up, shake it off... 

...and go deeper.

In the eye of a technicolor storm of your own making, a grinning chameleon glows neon. The chameleon cracks, splits in two in front of you. Chasing its shards for answers you already have, you split in two, in four, into a thousand fragments and your impossibly and perfectly fractured self seeks out the far corners of the galaxy. A voice drags you back into a whole. Someone passes you a cigarette. You take a long, acrid breath in... 

...and go deeper.

You’re dimly aware of the deafening chaos around you. Crushed under the glorious clusterfuck of existence threatening bellyaches and heartaches and headaches, you know you can always find three minutes of heaven right here, inside the song, inside yourself, somewhere on the edge of the cosmos. Your heart is bigger than your body and its scary and its dangerous but the only thing that can make sense of it is more music.

So you go deeper.

- Jordan Rahlia

Pnau (Changa / Image)