Palais - Instant Crush ft Your Girl Pho

17 Feb 2017



Premiering on Pilerats this week, Perth producer Palais' evocative first release of the year, ‘Instant Crush' Feat. Your Girl Pho, is a masterful mix of upbeat pop and synth-y joie de vivre. It's the first taste of his impending debut EP 'Apolis', which is available now to pre-order. 

 Palais' previous singles ‘Can't Stop’ and ‘Too Young’ clocked half a million spins each on Spotify, and received support from DJ Craze, Malente (aka Claptone), Vanilla Ace, and Justin Martin. This is an artist who knows how to build an interesting and nuanced world, where elements of pop, house, hip-hop, and electronica meld together to create a sound that is very much his signature.

 ‘Instant Crush' is no exception, infectious in its relentless effervescence. Your Girl Pho, also a Perth native, transports the listener into a realm of nostalgic euphoria with her animated vocals; capturing the youthful innocence felt when falling in love for the very first time. Palais' production perfectly blends with the vivacious vocals, pop-centric synths richocheting around them in a gleeful stupor.

 'Instant Crush' feat. Your Girl Pho is out Fri 17 February.

'Apolis' EP is scheduled for release Friday 31 March.

Palais (Instant Crush / packshot)