Kilter - Count On Me ft LANKS

17 Feb 2017



In his few years as a recording artist, Kilter has accumulated a fortune of tastemaker support from all corners of the globe. Kilter now delivers his new single ‘Count On Me’ featuring Melbourne’s LANKS.

 ‘Count On Me’ couples gritty production, classic instrumentation and superb songwriting to create a unique piece of music which is a taste of Kilter’s upcoming debut album, set for release in June 2017.

 Kilter describes how ‘Count On Me’ came together: “I spent a week down in Melbourne at the beginning of writing for this album working with some really great people. Will (LANKS) has a beautifully sunny little set up in his home where, for the better part of the day, we just messed with random sounds and experimented. ‘Count On Me’ came together very organically with a lot of the grit and character from that first day still there for you to hear.”

 LANKS explains the story behind the lyrics: “The story I was building was loosely based upon what I had watched a friend go through, a volatile relationship where they're trying to be things they are not. But the overall sentiment is that beneath that veneer of partying and alcoholism there is a deeper connection, and a reliability there to steady the ship again when it's needed."

 With his previous singles ‘Fool For You’, ‘They Don’t Know Us’ and ‘Want 2’ all getting millions of spins online, Kilter has developed a global audience which saw him undertake his debut tour of the UK and Europe in 2016. Kilter is set to announce his first coast-to-coast tour of the US this month with a huge Australian album tour also to be announced.

 With a background as a drummer, on stage is where Kilter really comes to life, as witnessed by thousands of fans ringing in the New Year at Falls Festival in Lorne. Watch went down here.

 Kilter’s new single ‘Count On Me’ will be available everywhere from 17th February.

Kilter (Count On Me / packshot)