JNTHN STEIN - Changes EP (Remixes)

10 Mar 2017



It's a full-blown family affair as Team Supreme heavies come out to remix JNTHN STEIN's debut EP 'Changes'.

The face of bass, Mr. Carmack delivers a well hyped remix delviers that ever-so Carmack breakbeat drop. His remix for JNTHN STEIN in a damn fine flip to the smooth vibes of 'Silvertown' and is an impressive addition to the lengthly portfolio of great Carmack tracks we're eager to hear in his sets. 

Djemba Djemba holds a status as one of dance music’s most unique producers. Known largely for his experimental takes on trap and other electronic sub-genres, the Mad Decent and Team Supreme-affiliate also boasts an impressive résumé of producing duties for more broadly-appealing artists like Madonna, Justin Bieber, and Kehlani. Here, Djemba Djemba offers a super creative flip to the EP title track 'Changes' taking an upbeat, melodic approach, crafting a blithe house recording that will prove suitable for poolside parties and mellower festival sets in the months to come.

Penthouse Penthouse’s remix similarly warps JNTHN’s vocal, creating a melody over the undercurrent synth line and bringing the bass guitar riff to life. The duo’s remix caps off with a searing guitar solo that croons over the futuristic disco bass line, and, as with the entire remix package, it’s impossible to pigeonhole into one genre.

 As JNTHN STEIN continues to establish himself as a solo identity emerging from Team Supreme, it’s clear that with these close friends and fellow world-class producers by his side, 2017 is a year of global ambition for the Brooklyn-based artist. JNTHN’s ‘Changes’ EP has now garnered over half a million streams online since its release at the end of January, and has seen the burgeoning artist gain support from respected outlets such as Complex Magazine, as well as heavy Spotify Playlist support

JNTHN STEIN (Changes EP RX / packshot)