Jax Jones - Deep Joy EP

2 Jul 2021

Jax Jones


BRIT and Grammy nominated producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Jax Jones today releases ‘Deep Joy’, his eagerly awaited 4-track EP, featuring two new singles, ‘Paris’ co-produced by System.Inc, and 'You Broke My Heart Again’ in collaboration with Teqkoi and Aiko.

Released through Jax’s new record label WUGD, the EP cements a new era for Jax music, and follows the release of ‘Feels’ and ‘Crystalise’ all of which comprise a deeply personal four track project. ‘Deep Joy’ embodies a more prolific and instinctual approach to making music. It is Jax’s most authentic music to date; rooted in personal experience and produced with the aim of sparking genuine emotion in his audience. Listen to ‘Deep Joy’ here.

As part of the release, the two newest singles have been created in partnership with System.Inc, Teqkoi and Aiko; all of whom are signed to Jax’s new record label WUGD, reflecting the label’s ethos for close collaboration and amplification of its diverse talent roster.

Speaking of his latest project, Jax said “It’s really exciting to be putting out this much music right now and through my new label WUGD. I’m trying new sounds and styles which I hope you guys dig. I've been releasing tunes every other week and am enjoying doing things way more instinctively with this EP while keeping collaboration with WUGD artists at the centre of it all."

Co-produced with newly-formed DJ duo System.Inc, ‘Paris’ was born out of a mutual understanding for what makes anthemic and timeless dance music. A long-time fan of the artists behind System.Inc, Jax was played tracks from their new project in the studio, and instantly fell in love with the sound - signing the duo shortly after.

Reflecting WUGD’s multi-cultural ambitions, ‘You Broke My Heart Again’ is the second new single from the EP, produced in collaboration with Teqkoi and Aiko; who are from New Mexico and Germany respectively. Discovered via lo-fi hip hop YouTube channel Bootleg Boy, Jax was blown away by Teqkoi’s production and Aiko’s vocals, and collaborated with them at a distance to create the final track, with each artist working remotely from their respective hometowns via zoom.