Holiday Sidewinder - Face Of God

21 May 2021

Holiday Sidewinder


Having unveiled the first taste of her new album last month with the stunningly ethereal single ‘Into The Universe’, acclaimed Australian artist Holiday Sidewinder today releases Face Of God, the dreamy, psychedelic album made in collaboration with Nick Littlemore (Empire of The Sun, PNAU) and Grammy Award-winning producer/composer Billy Jay Stein. The eight-track album was written over five days from Littlemore’s home studio in Hollywood and would be produced over the following year bringing the concept album to life. Interlacing psychedelic-acid-jazz, nu-wave, and indie-rock, the warm, meditative textures of Face Of God sits comfortably alongside celebrated art-rock contemporaries Kate Bush, Cocteau Twins and David Bowie. 


On the release of the album, Sidewinder said, “I feel like there’s something transcendent and precious for people to find and hold close in Face Of God. It’s dear to my heart, and I hope eventually, yours.” 


The album’s first single ‘Into The Universe’, released last month, already piqued the attention of The Guardian, NME and RUSSH, with The Guardian comparing Sidewinder to “the Flaming Lips’ life-affirming psychedelia, and Kate Bush’s sweeping pastoral pop.”  Title track ‘Face Of God’ tackles Sidewinder’s own quest for meaning in a world of chaos. “‘Face Of God’ is the beauty, Face, desperation and ecstasy of those who are in a never ending battle with a runaway mind - like me. People who regularly question their existence, search for meaning, a reason for being, an explanation for chaos, and are just as easily allured as they are repulsed by mythologies and spirituality.” 


The album was created with Nick Littlemore of PNAU and Empire of the Sun fame, who has known and worked with Holiday since she was 15 years old. On collaborating with Sidewinder, Littlemore said, “Holiday is an artist redefining “cool” on her own terms; she doesn’t play any games or follow a typical path. She has a strength of character all her own. Holiday’s talents might be unconventional, but her appeal is anything but. This record is a collaboration with Grammy Award winner Billy Jay Stein, who has worked in Broadway for many years and is a formidable pianist and composer. We hope that you enjoy this record; it was recorded between Los Angeles and New York City, tracked at Avatar studios by Grammy Award winner Roy Hendrickson, Billy Jay Stein’s incredible keyboard studio and a number of places in Los Angeles.”  


The album’s artwork was created by die-hard Holiday Sidewinder fan and Melbourne-based artist Ivan Dixon, an animator, illustrator and designer whose work includes the Childish Gambino video ‘Feels Like Summer’. “I first came across Holiday performing keyboard and vocals for Alex Cameron,” explains Dixon. “What I’m drawn to about Holiday’s indie-pop music is the refreshing combination of catchy music and clever lyrics. With this latest collaboration with Nick Littlemore, she’s broken expectations again by delivering an album full of heartfelt, psychedelic, ethereal poetry. For me Face Of God feels like the lovechild of Kate Bush, David Bowie’s 'Low' and Portishead, and I knew I wanted to represent this bold mood shift in the artwork. I created this towering totem of looping animation inspired by psychedelic Hindu art with as many visual nods to the lyrics and themes of the album as I could squeeze in. Holiday, Nick, the universe, hummingbirds, swimmers, waterfalls, and of course, the mirrored Face Of God herself all make an appearance.” 


“A sprawling, kaleidoscopic voyage that foregrounds Holiday Sidewinder’s distinctive vocals – builds on the retro art-pop of 2019 album ‘Forever Or Whatever’ and Kate Bush’s ‘Sensual World’-era, all while careening into the future.” – NME 



Face Of God Tracklisting: 


  1. Like A Wave 

  1. Swim 

  1. Face Of God 

  1. Into The Universe 

  1. The Gift 

  1. Myth Of Sisyphus 

  1. Casablanca 

  1. The Best Is Yet To Come