George Maple - MYTH

15 Dec 2020

George Maple


George Maple Releases New Album the Soundtrack to MYTH

Australian-born, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and producer, George Maple drops MYTH, the mini-album and soundtrack to the digitre (digital-theatre) film presentation and live performance that premiered last Wednesday, December 9th, at the landmark Sydney Opera House.

MYTH the album consists of five new singles including the triple j premiered ‘Fade’, the eerily ethereal and harrowing ‘The Hill’, and the album’s heart-racing lead single, ‘Cold Water’.

Simplicity is one of Maple’s resounding notes on the album, in contrast to her earlier work which often felt incumbent with complex arrangements, layered vocals and recording multiple versions of songs. Maple fans will immediately recognise the striking vocals she’s world-renowned for, delivered with a raw and vulnerable texture.

"I had a vision, about a year ago, to capture a live performance in a way that allowed the audience to onto the stage. I later learned this was called breaking down the fourth wall," says Maple of the album’s origins.

The mini-album serves as the musical score and soundtrack to the artist’s much-loved screenplay and performance art piece of the same title. Traversing mediums of performance art, cinematography, music and 3D environments, MYTH is a sensory digitre (digital-theatre) set piece engaging the audience in a 25 minute hyper-reality. The overarching narrative follows an intimate love story between two characters, Luna played by Maple and Sol by Australian supermodel, Jordan Barrett which soon becomes fractured and abandoned.

"Over the last six years I’ve developed a fascination with live performance. I’m obsessed with the inexplicable way movement, lighting, sound and dialogue or song can mesmerise and transport us to a new place," adds Maple.

Notably, Maple’s new mini-album has an unmistakable maturity to it. The narrative decodes a passionate love-affair followed by the gut-wrenching lows of jealousy and underscores a chapter closed for the artist, which left audiences at the Sydney Opera House debut consumed by the songstress’ journey.

"It’s simply an emotion, an experience, unique to the individual yet shared by all. Because that’s what being human is. We all experienced love and pain for different reasons, and that’s what unites us," says Maple. "I decided to write an epic, tragic love story and that’s what Myth is." the artist explains.

George Maple first shot to fame in 2016 writing, producing and singing for Australian artists such as Flight Facilities, Hayden James, DJ Snake and Flume, later releasing her first solo album Lover (2017) which debuted at #2 on the national iTunes charts. Maple’s catalogue of music has received over 500 million Spotify streams, 20.3 million YouTube views, and 350,000 Shazam follows making her one of the world’ most relevant artists of contemporary music culture.

Following on from the premiere at the Sydney Opera House last week, MYTH the film is set to receive an official release both locally and internationally in early 2021.