Donatachi - Do What I Want

27 Mar 2019



Having exploded onto the scene over the past 2 years with a string of standout singles, Sydney producer Donatachi is kicking off 2019 with the release of new single ‘Do What I Want’ featuring Melbourne singer/songwriter Evangeline.

Joining the ranks of Donatachi’s stellar lineup of collaborators (Mallrat, Oh Boy, Rromarin & more), is Evangeline, bringing a sugary-sweet vocal to Donatachi’s signature PC-pop production. Shaping a genreless musical utopia across his originals and remixes, Donatachi continues to create plush soundscapes which burst with hypercolour sound design and forward thinking club beats, all with an optimistic and un-ironic love of pop.

On the release, Donatachi says “’Do What I Want’ is so special to me, it captures a time in my life where I was very DIY as an artist and really had no help or support other than my boyfriend. I’d make music on the floor of our tiny apartment, run around Sydney arcades taking press photos and daydream about playing shows to people who love pop as much as us. Evangeline’s lyric “they tell me to straighten up but I love my curls” is so simple but really has a lot of impact on me. To me ‘Do What I Want’ is a pure pop expression of embracing my queerness as an artist in an often rigid industry”.

Donatachi adds, “Releasing ‘Do What I Want’ with my new family at etcetc is a full circle moment because it really feels like I have found the people that will help me create my own space and realise all those daydreams I've had."

Donatachi is certainly on a hot-streak, being hand-picked earlier this month by icon Kim Petras as main support for her three sold out Mardi Gras sideshows in Sydney and Melbourne, following on from his 2018 support slot for Australian indie-pop star Mallrat.

Donatachi’s debut EP ‘Taste’ will be released in the coming months. With over 1 million streams on Spotify so far, his debut EP is set to feature even more hot collaborations, including notorious US rising star Slayyyter, further honing his sonic aesthetic and seeing how far he can push his bubble-gum bops.

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