Digitalism - UN1T

16 Nov 2018



German producers and DJs Jens Moelle and Ismail Tufekci, aka Digitalism, today release their new EP UN1T as the fourth EP within a year via their own label Magnetism and via etcetc in Australia and New Zealand. It ends with a piece of storyline that connects it to the future.

“We wanted to make sure to wrap this up by the end of the year, and the release is complete with the two tracks on it… But there´s something to be revealed soon, and UN1T is the missing link in this.” 

The band has self-released four EPs over the last year, showing no signs of slowing down with their new-found love for being closer to both the fans and the process. With single Automation it’s time to step back and let the machines to their jobs.

"It’s rated “R” for strong, explicit rhythms, and all kinds of moves are encouraged with this one. It’s been a DJ-set weapon for us for a long time, but only recently did we apply a final mix and master, and the result energised the whole neighbourhood."

Starting their career in 2001 producing vibrant live sets, the Digitalism boys soon signed to Kitsune, with their release ‘Zdarlight’. Following up the release with ‘Jupiter Room’ from their “Idealism” album, Digitalism soon became synonymous with their unique and original electronic productions, a crossover sound with roots found in both indie and techno.

The album, now celebrating a decade since release, became an instant classic in the indie electro scene, establishing Digitalism as one of the biggest acts in the genre, alongside notable acts such as Justice. Digitalism is currently getting ready for a US tour.


Digitalism (UN1T / packshot)