Digitalism - Chapter 4

24 May 2019



Having just wrapped up their recent Australian tour, Digitalism today unveil the next piece of their upcoming album. Following on from their Chapter 1 release in March, the German duo skip straight forward to Chapter 4, featuring two new tracks ‘Olympia’ and ‘Voltage’.

“We didn’t want to go down the normal path, so we decided to reveal piece number four from our new album next — and not numbers two or three,” explain Digitalism. “Whereas Chapter 1 explores our more soundtracky side, Chapter 4 dives into a robotic club world with glitzy rhythms.”

“’Olympia’ is our secret weapon because we realised sometimes that it was the "track of the night“ in our gigs. It's so bouncy that it reminded us of a Spalding ball bouncing off the dance floor - and it has a rawness with a bit of French Touch from the old Roulé Records. It's time to share it with everyone finally.

“’Voltage’” is brand-new however, and was finalised on our last Australia tour where we had the time to pay our friend Kim from The Presets a visit and could use his studio to finish it off.”

Listen to Chapter 4