BRUX - Take (Feat. Kimbra)

21 Oct 2021



Powerful lyrics and melodic electro combine on this collaboration from Australian producer/vocalist BRUX and Grammy Award-winning New Zealand artist Kimbra. The two acclaimed artists link up to rock out and claim some space in the club on ‘Take’ with its grinding rhythm and ‘winner takes all’ lyrics. 


On the track, BRUX said, “Take spawned from a modular jam on my Moog DFAM I did a year ago in September 2020 - I finished the track within a few hours and sat with it for a few days as I made more tweaks. I then shared it with Kimbra (we were already collaborating on other projects) and she was itching to get involved! Take is all about rebellion, greed and power...I wanted to make the production as obnoxious as the lyrical concept and for me it's the DFAM bass synth that pulls it all together.” 


Kimbra adds, “Liz sent me this song while she was working on it and I freaked out. It was so bold and contagious. As two female producers, I love that this song is about taking up space and taking back power in a playful, bad ass way. I loved bringing another element to this song because I’m genuinely such a fan of her work.” 


A raw and vivid ride into a visionary mind, the realm of BRUX awaits. With an analogue punch of surrealist club-pop you’re in a space between genres, a place to explore fate, materialism and the pursuit of pleasure. 


Listen here: