Brux - Fruit (EP)

14 Feb 2020



Brux Serves Up A Provocative Collision of Sounds on Debut EP 'Fruit'

“She takes social commentary, from the female gaze to social-media obsession, and filters it through a singular club lens while retaining that pop earworminess. It’s catchy but not cheesy; cool and intentional without being preachy” - Billboard Dance Emerging Artist To Watch: Feb 2020

Mysterious Aussie producer BRUX serves up a provocative collision of sounds on her debut EP, Fruit out this Friday on etcetc. Pulling influences from techno, house and leftfield electronic offerings, singles "Hoarse," "BWP (Bitches Want Pictures)," and the titular track offer a dizzying display of dancefloor energy, rife with originality and quick-witted lyrics sung by BRUX herself. 

Led by "BWP (Bitches Want Pictures)," which has become a favorite amongst Billboard, Complex, and Triple J, Fruit is an arresting debut from the Sydney-based triple-threat producer, songwriter and vocalist. At its core, the work takes a deep dive zeroing in on societal wants and urges, while maintaining pop sensibilities.  

“BWP (Bitches Want Pictures) seeks approval on social media, looking at how we manipulate our online presence to show ourselves to the world," BRUX procclaims. “‘Fruit’ is pleasure...The urge for us to sexually (and spiritually) connect with another being without necessarily seeking love,” she continues. “‘Hoarse’ explores the relationship of pleasure and pain of addiction in any form, be that social media, substances or toxic relationships.” These takeaways serve as inspirations for her to call the entire EP a “social observation on our pursuits of pleasure and validation,” creating an evolved brand of consciousness in dance music.  

BRUX pays her luck forward by propelling up and coming artists herself, such as calling upon Kazakhstani artist Radimir Koch to create the Fruit cover artwork, as well as the spectacular disguises and masks, which have helped solidify her visual identity. Following a holiday run of shows across Australia supporting Robert DeLong, BRUX is slated to perform her new material live during a hometown gig this March at Sydney’s Days Like This Festival. She’ll join an electric lineup of dance music visionaries including Richie Hawtin, The Black Madonna, Maceo Plex, Dj Boring, Hunee and several others.  


BRUX - Fruit EP Tracklist
1. Fruit
2. Hoarse
3. BWP (Bitches Want Pictures) 

BRUX - Fruit