BRUX - In My Dreams

4 Jan 2019



Innovative, raw and heavy, BRUX today shares her latest release "In My Dreams" via etcetc and is the third single from the Sydney-based producer. As premiered via Complex UK, & hot off her return from representing Australia at Red Bull Music Academy's 20th Anniversary edition in Berlin, "In My Dreams"arrives on the scene as the product of skilful signature sound curation, built on pitch-shifted vocals, ethereal scattered beats and brooding rhythms that have become synonymous with BRUX as an artist.

BRUX has masterfully created an expansive soundscape that flows along a stream of consciousness and rejects a linear songwriting timeline. Exploring a variety of sounds and moods, "In My Dreams"dances between echoing synths and club-fuelled beat progressions that mirror the signature light and dark elements within. Instrumentally vast and layered, the track delivers another skilful taste of BRUX's world, inviting fans to move to the beat and within her dichotomised sonic universe. 

BRUX shares "In My Dreams" after a two-week long residency spent representing Australia as one of 61 music makers worldwide at the 20th Anniversary of Red Bull Music Academy. Throwing down heavy and dark tunes and making a name for herself amongst the participants in studio sessions and lectures, BRUX performed live from Berlin's Paloma Bar for a recorded set on Red Bull Radio's On The Floor program.

BRUX's debut single "I'm Back" signalled the beginning of her rise, with "Paper Boy" being a second refreshingly innovative and alluring take on club music. Stepping out into the live domain for the first time, BRUX will perform her debut show on Wednesday, October 17 at a TBA location in Downtown Los Angeles. With a set including her trifecta of innovative and daring singles with "In My Dreams", BRUX season is officially upon us, presenting a musical confrontation of fate and the pursuit of pleasure, all to a sound you can get down to.

BRUX (In My Dreams packshot / image)