Brain Flowers - You're Not Alone

21 Oct 2021

Brain Flowers


Brain Flowers is the new collaboration between Toby Anagnostis and Nicholas Littlemore (PNAU, Empire of the Sun), which explores the organic nuances between sound, thought and wellbeing. Toby caught the eye of Littlemore when he uploaded a song to the triple j Unearthed Collab Comp under Butter Bath. What started off as a one-off writing session, quickly flourished into a fully-fledged project and Brain Flowers was born.  


As the pair continued to unravel a sound that is as vast and other-worldly as it is intimately personal, Toby signed to PNAU’s label, Lab78. The first offering to the electronic-dance world is Brain Flowers’ debut, ‘You’re Not Alone’, a track that explores the idea of unity and oneness being an answer to fears and doubts of the future. It stemmed from a conversation that Toby and Nick had about community and how music is a remedy to the fear that a lot of people can experience around uncertainty. 


Toby explains how ‘You’re Not Alone’ came about: “We wrote the song in Nick’s living room in Sydney over the course of a few hours and it came together really quickly and effortlessly. From the start it felt like the right song to introduce Brain Flowers". 


Filmed between two locations, Kunanyi/Mount Wellington located in Hobart, Tasmania and Sydney, the official music video has a concept inspired by two true stories. Directed by Gabriel Morrison and animated by Finnian Rees, it dives into these true stories and expands them into a light-hearted, surreal journey about an outsider who uses their intellect and ingenuity to escape their situation and start a new life. It’s a metaphorical, cinematic representation of the themes explored in ‘You’re Not Alone’, which are unity and peace in the face of fear with reference to climate change and the anxieties of consequences.