Airwolf & Yeah Boy - Everything You Do (Remixes)

23 Jul 2021



Being no stranger to writing a catchy hook, joining the charismatic Airwolf, 'Everything You Do' has copped a huge remix pack for ‘Everything You Do’ with remixes from Wongo, Yeah Boy, Tiff Cornish and from the man themselves adding a special Airwolf Paradise Remix! 

Following a challenging 2020 for many musicians, the Melbourne lockdowns didn’t stop the pair from drawing inspiration for new music. Johnny explains: “After being sent the track from Justin, we were on the phone and I started to listen to the instrumental. About 30 seconds in I told him I had to get vocals on this bad boy and pretty much hung up on him!”.  

Listen now: ⚡️

Airwolf & Yeah Boy - Everything You Do remixes