All The Lights Chasing Colours With Light

July 28, 2011 Posted by admin at 11:27 am

All The Lights Chasing Colours
You know the first time that you hear a new track, and you’re taken back a little? Your mouth tightens and you smirk stupidly and the only vocal response you are able tos tructure is “Woah”. Well, the debut single from All The Lights had that effect on us. Chasing Colours is one of those records that defies being genre pigeon holed, projecting a luminous brilliance which encompasses blissful elements of indie, pop, dance and more. Did I mention there were key’s in there too yet?

Anyway, it’s one of the most infectious records we have come across in a long time, with a remix pack that seems almost frankenstein on the surface, with house music heavyweight Ian Carey bringing his A-game, along with some deep house beats and disco sampled treats from Plastic Plates and Moonchild. But it somehow comes together as a single remix pack, which is just a moment of total musical completedness. It’s out at the end of August, so you have a couple of weeks to prepare your soul for this.

All The Lights – Chasing Colours by etcetcmusic

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