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KITSUNÉ-PONYSTEP mixed by Jerry Bouthier

Rays of sunshine finally kick in as the always ebullient Kitsuné teams up with London’s Ponystep for a summer mix cd ‘très mode’.

Fusing pop, electro, indie, disco and more, Kitsuné-Ponystep mixes tracks and remixes from some of the hottest names around (Roisin Murphy, French Horn Rebellion, Booka Shade, Aeroplane, Lindstrom, Munk…); a truly international cast that goes as far as Sydney, Perth, NYC, Oslo, Berlin, Munich, Manchester and inevitably Paris and London. Seventy minutes designed to make you dance… and also, at times, move you. In today’s troubled times, emotion has become fashion’s latest by-word and is certainly an essential ingredient here: plenty of songs, with vocals and people playing instruments such as new Xenomania artist Florrie, Northern Ireland’s finest Two Door Cinema Club, Belgium’s Das Pop, Vienna’s Bunny Lake, Sweden’s Lo-Fi Fnk, David E Sugar… a far cry from the dull thump you often find associated with fashion soundtracks. As such Kitsuné-Ponystep is not just a dj mix, Andrea Gorgerino, Bouthier’s studio side-kick and half of their recording project JBAG (also a versatile dj unit that has remixed Ladyhawke, Kylie, Sparks and S-Express), knows like no other how to apply magic, and a bit of drama, as he does on the shows to enhance the aural experience.
So if you are a curious, be looking forward to the aficionados of uplift of dance beat held be the first Kitsuné-Ponystep collection. Before you know it, a new season will be upon you!


1. Róisín Murphy ‘Momma’s Place’
2. Bag Raiders ‘Turbo Love (Light Year remix)’
3. Munk ‘La Musica’
4. Two Door Cinema Club ‘I Can Talk (French Horn Rebellion remix)’
5. Voltaire Twins ‘D.I.L. (JBAG’s hot pop remix)’
6. Florrie ‘911 (Beataucue remix – JBAG edit)’
7. JBAG ft Louise Prey ‘X Ray Sex’
8. Adamski ‘I Dream Of You (2010 version)’
9. Lindstrom ‘I Feel Space (Freeform 5 remix / JBAG re-edit)
10. D-Pulse’ Highway To Saturn (JBAG edit)’
11. Jupiter ‘Mama Used To Say
12. Act Yo Age ‘La Fumo Loco (In Flagranti remix)’
13. Rainbow Arabia ‘Holidays In Congo (Myd remix)’
14. Lo-Fi-Fnk ‘Steppin’ Out (Popular Computer remix / JBAG re-edit)’
15. May 68 ‘My Ways’
16. David E Sugar ‘Party Killer’
17. Booka Shade ‘Regenerate
18. Bunny Lake ‘Army Of Lovers (JBAG’s hot pop remix)’
19. Mustang ‘Try To Dance’
20. Das Pop ‘Fool For Love (Aeroplane remix)’

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Florrie’s single ‘Call 911′ on new Kitsuné compilation!

June 25, 2010 Posted by Eva at 12:04 pm


Meet Florrie: as traditional a musician and performer as can possibly be, but at the same time a completely new type of independent pop artist.

21 year old Florrie is a multi-talented British and box-fresh new artist ready to make her own indelible impression on 2010’s wonderfully varied musical landscape. A drummer, singer, songwriter and guitarist, Florrie is the former Xenomania house-band drummer, and has now fought her way out from behind the band to take centre stage with her own music.

Call 911 (Beataucue remix) is the lead single from the Kitsuné x Ponystep compilation mixed by Jerry Bouthier.

July 12th sees Florrie makes her release debut with ‘Call 911’, the lead single to be taken from the brand new Kitsune X Ponystep compilation CD. ‘Call 911’, co-written with contemporary disco legend Fred Falke, sits perfectly on an ultra-cool album that fuses pop, electro, indie, disco and more, highlighting that Florrie’s music rests at the centre of an international roll-call of fantastic modern dance-pop. ‘Call 911’ also comes with mixes by Bart B More, Beataucue and His Majesty Andre.

From picking up her first pair of drumsticks at the age of seven, and first guitar at twelve, Florrie has already chalked up over 100 live shows as a drummer, as well as playing on some of the best pop records of recent years for the likes of Kylie, Girls Aloud and Pet Shop Boys.

Currently unsigned, Florrie is giving away her music via her website and her tracks have become a big favourite at Hype Machine.

Be quick because this opportunity won’t last very long!

‘Kitsune X Ponystep’ album is released on Kitsune on July 16th 2010

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