Ivy Rose


Born in the mid-nineties, Ivy Rose spent her childhood in Louisiana before making the move over to Houston where she did most of her growing up. Singing seemed almost subconscious. Ivy recalls, “I’ve been interested in singing since before I could remember. My dad and I would record me singing little songs we had written on a tape recorder. I absolutely loved it!” In middle school she took up the guitar with the determination to learn any instrument to accompany her voice.


In 2016, an impulsive click on YouTube by Littlemore’s wife Gigi Rose Gray unveiled the world of Ivy Rose; she quickly shared the discovery with Littlemore. With an array of covers of Joan Jett, Mazy Star, Lana Del Rey and the like, Ivy Rose hit each cover with a newfound, chilling heartache.


Littlemore recalls his first impression of Ivy Rose where he was “struck by her melancholy and the deep loneliness in her eyes. On screen she emanated an angelic quality.” Littlemore was entranced by what emerged from a fragile, very young looking girl, with a look akin to Natalie Portman in the 1994 cult film The Professional, under a black and white vignette. The feeling of melancholy is not hard to hear in the powerful and mesmerizing voice of Ivy Rose. Citing the influence of Chelsea Wolfe, Tom Waits and Little Dragon, she demonstrates a darkness that is unique to her and her generation.


In 2017 Littlemore took a chance flight to Houston to meet Ivy Rose, along with his wife Gigi who was equally taken. Armed with a notebook and music, Nick’s plan was to spend time writing music with Ivy Rose, taking the girl who sung beautiful covers towards being an artist with her own voice. Within a week they had recorded an hour of original music.


A year passed, and Ivy joined Littlemore and Peter Mayes for two weeks in Los Angeles where they recorded and finalised a debut body of work for Ivy Rose. Lots of time had passed which included some dramatic life events for Ivy. It was at this point, Littlemore and Mayes identified that through her challenges, Ivy had developed into the artist they’d envisaged; composing complex and powerfully challenging works of art. “There’s something universal about the way Ivy sings, the way she connects. She is a story in herself,” Nick illuminates.

Stream/ Listen here: https://IvyRose.lnk.to/IBWY

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