Holiday Sidewinder


Holiday Sidewinder returns to a psychedelic dream pop world to bless us with “Face of God”, an ecstatic and transcendent collaborative album with Nick Littlemore (Empire of The Sun/PNAU) and Grammy award-winning producer/composer Billy Jay Stein. The album dances through battles with bi-polarity and hallucinations, exploration of the meaning of life, the rhapsody of love, the glory of lust and you know, little things like that. Written over 5 days in a little tin hut together, surrounded by hummingbirds and passionflowers, originally conceived as a rolling 60-minute song, the brilliant and eccentric Nick Littlemore dedicated his whole heart and personal bank account, over many years, enlisting the talents of incredible musicians all over America in fancy analogue studios, turning the experimental passion project into nothing short of a musical masterpiece!”


Relocating to London at 21, Sidewinder worked with legendary producer Mike Chapman (Blondie/Tina Turner) on her first single ‘Carousel’ – praised by UK music press as “completely demented and extremely brilliant” (Pop Justice), “immaculately produced and thrillingly new” (Clash). 


Fronting the ‘precociously talented’ Bridezilla as a teen upstart, Holiday Sidewinder had a debut LP “The First Dance” under her belt named as one of Rolling Stone’s album of the year, and had played alongside the likes of Nick Cave, Sia (who *fun fact* used to be her babysitter), The Flaming Lips and John Cale all before she was of legal age to drink a tequila sunrise!

The first taste of her debut album “Forever or Whatever’ comes with “Casino” –a boundary pushing pièce de résistance of pop bling, "Sickly sweet like rum and Coca Cola, and just as deadly” (Rolling Stone). “Flawless” (Paper Mag) follow up single Tra$h Can Luv was featured on UK reality TV show ‘Made In Chelsea’ and the music video (shot entirely on iPhone) was MTV’s video of the week. Kim Wilde tweeted that Holiday’s surprise release of ‘Whispers” on December 21 was ‘beautiful’, like something straight out of the Bangles' songbook. 


Holiday has been touring the globe, playing over 150 shows this past year in Alex Cameron’s live band, performing on stage with The Killers in stadiums across Europe and America (incld. Madison Square Garden) and supported British band The Feeling in theatres across the UK, after her first sold out European solo tour. 


Holiday Sidewinder